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WIP: Gcast controller refactoring


Most of the GCastController data was only used by the new thread you were creating. So instead of using a bunch of Arcs and Mutexes, I've moved all the data used by the thread inside the GCastControllerBackend struct.

Then I splitted the big match in multiple methods of GCastControllerBackend.

Everything should work pretty much the same as before.

This is the only effective change I'm aware of:

send!(self.app_sender, Action::PlaybackStop);

This is not inside an if statement anymore, so it will be executed even when self.device_ip is empty. But I think it's not a big deal.

There is a recursive cycle in the heart_beat method... I've already solved it, but I want to clean the code a bit more before pushing

Edited by Lorenzo Miglietta

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