Commit e96202ab authored by Felix Häcker's avatar Felix Häcker

Merge branch 'order_search_by_vote' into 'master'

order search by votes. Clean search request

See merge request !398
parents a589132f 799847b9
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......@@ -37,11 +37,14 @@ pub struct StationRequest {
impl StationRequest {
pub fn search_for_name(name: &str, limit: u32) -> Self {
let mut search = Self::default(); = Some(name.to_string());
search.limit = Some(limit);
search.hidebroken = Some(true);
Self {
name: Some(name.to_string()),
limit: Some(limit),
hidebroken: Some(true),
order: Some(String::from("votes")),
reverse: Some(true),
pub fn url_encode(&self) -> String {
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