phosh v0.20.0~beta1

This is a beta release. See this milestone

New features

  • Home- and top-bar swipe gesture support
  • Make settings and top-bar available on lock screen
  • Move settings menu closer to designs

Maybe noteworthy

  • Feedback indicator in top-bar
  • Allow to view app details
  • New DisplayConfig properties like ApplyMonitorsConfigAllowed and NightLightSupported.
  • Another large round of cleanups and fixes including a fix for the HKS indicator
  • Contributors:
    • Arnaud Ferraris
    • Guido Günther
    • InsanePrawn
    • Nathan Sherwood
    • Pablo Correa Gómez
    • Sam Hewitt
    • Sebastian Krzyszkowiak
    • Thomas

i18n updates

  • UI translations:
    • Balázs Úr (hu)
    • Danial Behzadi (fa)
    • Daniel Șerbănescu (ro)
    • Emin Tufan Çetin (tr)
    • Hugo Carvalho (pt)
    • Jiri Grönroos (fi)
    • Luna Jernberg (sv)
    • Nathan Follens (nl)
    • Pablo Barciela (es)
    • Piotr Drąg (pl)
    • Quentin PAGÈS (oc)
    • Vittorio Monti (it)
    • Yosef Or Boczko (he)
    • Yuri Chornoivan (uk)
    • Zurab Kargareteli (ka)

Detailed changes

phosh (0.20.0~beta1) experimental; urgency=medium
  [ Guido Günther ]
  * This is a beta release
  * portal-access-manager Sync dialog visibility with locked state.
    Otherwise we can have the dialog pop up on the lock screen.
  * settings: Make ui file match the class name.
    Another ancient inconsistency cleaned up.
  * Add no-notifications icon
  * settings: Mark button label as translatable
  * settings: Add indication when there are no notifications
    (Closes: #744)
  * lockscreen: Fix typo
  * lockscreen: Remove unneeded packaging
  * lockscreen: Name clock and date labels.
    Rather than using a style class name this single instance.
    This allows us to attach style classes in less confusing ways.
  * lockscreen: Move call-ui down by top-panel's height.
    Since the top-bar now takes up space we don't want the back
    button to overlap the top-bar.
    We chose that approach instead of changing the lockscreens exclusive
    zone so that it keeps to extend below the top bar. This will make e.g. a
    transparent top bar work as the background can shine through and also
    make the "centered" property of GtkBoxes on the lock screen still center
    on the screen without having to care for additional padding.
  * top-panel: Move top-panel to overlay layer.
    This allows to show the indicators on the lock screen.
  * top-panel: Prevent unfold when locked.
    We'll enable quick settings access in a separate MR. This will be a bit
    more involved as we need to disable long press, hide notifications, etc.
  * top-panel: Hide clock when shell is locked.
    We have a clock on the lock screen already
  * lockscreen: Drop indicators
  * lockscreen: Adjust clock and data size based on notifications.
    If notifications are present use a smaller clock. (Closes: #640)
  * lockscreen: Add bottom margin to center clock and date
  * lockscreen: Use revealer to show/hide notifications
  * shell: Move lock setting to function.
    This way we can avoid setting it multiple times
  * shell: Use explicit notify for locked property.
    Avoids rerunning code when there aren't any changes.
  * proximity: Add property to track fader status.
    This allows other parts of the shell to perform actions based on
    We want to move the whole fader handling out of the proximity sensor at
    some point.
  * shell: Hide top-panel when proximity fader is on.
    Since the top-panel uses an exclusive zone and the fader doesn't, the
    top-panel is arranged on top of the fader. Due to this the top-panel
    would still accept input e.g. during phone calls which leads to odd
    results when typing with the ear.
    So hide the top-panel for the moment when the fader is active. Later on
    we can move it one layer down which is a bit nicer but needs the
    corresponding phoc patches to support that.
  * shell: Mirror docked property.
    Easier to access (read) in other places of the shell
  * shell: Document `locked` property
  * shell: Use getter for locked property.
    For consistency.
  * top-panel: Disconnect seat signals.
    Otherwise we might get called after dispose (e.g. after moving
    primary to a new output)
  * top-panel: Show keyboard indicator only in docked mode (Closes: #206)
  * top-panel: Remove packed from indicators box.
    Not needed there.
  * top-panel: Remove can-focus from indicators box.
    Not needed there.
  * batteryinfo: Fix indentation
  * feedbackinfo: Add muted property.
    This allows to hide the icon when 'full' profile is in effect.
  * top-panel: Show feedback indicator (Closes: #284)
  * util: Use GCC diagnostic push.
    This makes sure we restore the old value
  * settings: Add on-lockscreen property.
    Indicates whether settings are currently displayed on the lock screen
    or in the unlocked shell.
    This eases binding bindings in templates.
  * settings: Add a box for the elements not visible on the lock screen.
    Toggle these by the "on-lockscreen" property.
  * settings: Consolidate all g-c-c panel opening in a single location
  * settings: Ignore long press that leads to g-c-c.
    This won't work on lock screen. We can keep the long press on
    the rotation button as this doesn't spawn anything else.
  * settings: Reindent ui file.
    Do this as a separate commit to ease review and rebase
  * top-panel: Hide power button on lock screen.
    We might support that later on but just hide it for now. This will
    change anyway with gestures.
  * Revert "top-panel: Prevent unfold when locked"
    Let's allow for quick settings on the lock screen
    This reverts commit a5beb47745a8632ec3bab3377005a68b009ef2b4.
    (Closes: #603)
  * top-panel: Move power button.
    Move the power button out of the stack that has the size
    of the top-bar. This will allow us to style it properly.
  * top-panel: Style power button.
  * top-panel: Add larger clock when panel is unfolded.
    See e.g.
  * top-panel: Use property binding for the clock.
    Less code.
  * top-panel: Add lock-screen button.
  * top-panel: Add arrow.
    This makes it match the mockups more
  * top-panel: Disable power/user button when on lockscreen.
    We do this by introducing a "on-lockscreen" property.
  * top-panel: Remove <packing> from network box.
    Just use the defaults.
    We don't have outstanding changes there so it doesn't create any merge
  * d/control: Add libxml-utils. This allows to strip blanks.
  * d/control: Add xwayland to test dependencies
  * d/control: Add librsvg2-common.
    This helps to load SVG icons in the tests
  * tests: Disable thumbnail releated test.
    Phoc currently doesn't support this with the headless backend.
  * gitlab-ci: Only run unit test suite on alpine.
    This is more future proof than just skipping the screenshot tests
  * gitlab-ci: Build container without cache.
    This makes sure the container is rebuilt instead of just refreshed.
  * gitlab-ci: Use more caps when running docker container.
    This allows us to run gdb, etc. and we mostly want it for debugging.
  * gitlab-ci: Use newer docker file for builds and tests.
    This makes sure we build against GNOME 42.
  * layer-surface: Use namespace in debug messages.
    This greatly simplifies figuring out which surface this is about.
  * shell: Document phosh_get_usable_area ()
  * shell: Add helper to get whole screen area
  * top-panel: Fix namespace
  * top-panel: Use the full screen height for the top panel.
    For that we reduce the notification's scrolled window minimum height a
    bit as it will expand by itself.
    This prevents the settings menu from expanding beyond the lower screen
    edge in portrait mode (which happened so far when media player and
    notifications were shown).
    Using the fulls screen height is also in line with the designs -
    although it will be a bit black heavy in docked mode. We will need to
    compensate for that e.g. by using less black (and e.g. just blur the
    underlying screen space).
    This is in preparation for the gesture code as the draggable surface also
    uses the full screen height.
  * settings: Set vexpand on the notifications list box.
    Otherwise the initial notification might get cut off if it has multiple
    lines and an action.
  * top-panel: Ease UI file navigation.
    Add some comments
  * top-panel: Fix box_clock indentation.
    When moving elements around we wanted to have as little diff noise as
    possible, fix that up now.
  * proximity: Move fader handling to separate functions.
    Unclutters the code but also makes sure we always emit the notify
    signal. This wasn't the case in on_proximity_claimed before which
    resulted in the top-bar not showing up again.
  * meson: Add default prefix
  * dbus: Use default prefix for org.freedesktop.hostname1
  * dbus: Use default prefix for org.freedesktop.login1
  * top-panel: Fix inverted on-lockscreen logic
  * top-panel: Hide lock on lock-screen
  * gitlab-ci: Pull phoc 0.13.1 from Debian sid.
    We need that for the tests to pass
  * d/control: Require recent enough phoc.
    We want one that has layer-surface v2 support
  * protocol: Update layer-surface protocol to version 4.
    This is from phoc as of commit e86771e1ffccf216b2c016cf93226cc77e5caab5
  * wayland: Require layer-shell protocol version 2.
    We want to use set_layer.
  * layersurface: Allow to set layer
  * shell: Lower top-panel when proximity fader is on.
    Since the top-panel uses an exclusive zone and the fader doesn't the
    top-panel is arranged on top of the fader. Due to this the top-panel
    would still accept input e.g. during phone calls which leads to odd
    results when typing with the ear.
    Moving the top-panel to another layer is a bit nicer than just hiding
    it since we still have the layer around on the unlocked shell in
    case something goes wrong.
  * gitlab-ci: Deduplicate locale generation
  * home: Fix typo
  * settings: Fix typo
  * top-panel: Update doc string
  * shell: Drop outdated comment
  * build: Untabify tests meson build file
  * overview: Drop properties at their default values
  * layer-surface: Drop constructed()
    We can do all the work in init() which is there anyway.
  * layer-surface: Only emit configured when changed
  * Add draggable layer surfaces.
    They use the layer-shell-effects protocol to mark themselves draggable in
    one direction.
    Implementation is similar to layer-surface:
      - configure on mapped
      - guard all property setters so they don't fail with a NULL drag_surface
        which is the case during object creation
  * phosh-wayland: Require layer-shell-effects.
    We can't do anything useful without it.
  * phosh-wayland: Make it more clear what's missing
  * util: Add helper to distinguish touch from non touch press/release
  * top-panel: Remove superfluous can-focus properties from network box
  * top-panel: Make it a draggable layer-surface.
    Turn the top-panel into a draggable layer surface. This changes the
    behaviour from hiding/showing certain elements based on folded/unfoleded
    state to having all elements visible all the time having the DragSurface
    determine which bits are currently on screen.
    Since the DragSurfaces has folded and unfolded states by itself we can
    use that instead of keeping track of it on our own.
  * top-panel: Use full screen height.
  * top-panel: Don't trigger feedback.
    We don't want haptic feedback on swipe start and not on click either
    as that will be mouse only.
  * top-panel: Animate arrow
  * top-panel: Handle mouse click via gesture.
    We don't want to trigger fold/unfold on touch events as they'll
    be used for drag.
    This allows us to drop the button completely.
  * settings: Allow to retrieve a suitable drag handle offset.
    Based on the UI elements calculate a suitable draggable area.
    In follow ups we can take the notifications scroll position
    into account as well.
  * top-panel: Update drag-handle based on settings.
    Respect the drag area for touches settings informs us about.
  * home: Make it a draggable layer surface.
    Disable click related handling for now. Will be added
    back in a later commit.
  * home: Don't trigger feedback.
    We don't want haptic feedback on swipe start and not on click either
    as that will be mouse only.
  * home: Drop some unneeded properties.
    Eases GTK4 migration
  * home: Handle mouse click via gesture.
    We don't want to trigger fold/unfold on touch events as they'll
    be used for drag.
    Similar to what we do for the top-bar.
  * settings: Don't close when clearing all notifications.
  * tests: Disable parallel tests with compositor.
    They currently fail when run in parallel. We'll investigate when phoc
    side is merged. Tests don't run much longer as those are quick.
  * gitlab-ci: Use a compositor that can handle gestures.
    Workaround the fact that the phoc side isn't merged yet by grabbing
    a suitable package from CI.
  * top-panel: Reindent ui file.
    Mechanical change now that is
  * home: Reindent ui file.
    Mechanical change now that is
  * bars: Add back 1px border in high contrast.
    Fixes 0ea0cccfd ("home: Handle mouse click via gesture")
  * top-panel: Drop phosh-top-bar style class.
    We have CSS by widget class and name already , we don't need styling per
    class too.
  * top-panel: Emit activated signal instead of folding/unfolding.
    Don't frees the top-panel from managing it's own state again.
    While at that make the signal and method names match our top-panel
    Fixes 0ea0cccfd ("home: Handle mouse click via gesture")
  * top-panel: Fix comment
  * shell: Rename panel to top_panel.
    The "panel" term is from the times when we only had a single
    panel at the top but no home panel.
  * notify-manager: Move source layout closer to guidelines.
    We want the signals above the definition and the forward declaration
    for interface right above G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_CODE().
  * notify-manager: Drop SIGNAL_ from signal names.
    Consistent with other source files.
  * notify-manager: Emit "notification-activated"
    Emit a signal when a notification gets activated. This allows other
    parts of the shell to react on this.
  * shell: Fold top-panel on screen lock.
    This avoids that the user doesn't look at the (almost empty) settings
    when unblanking the screen.
  * shell: Fold top-panel when a notification gets activated.
    Otherwise we still cover the whole screen
  * util: Add helper to check if gnome-software is available
  * app-grid-button: Add "View Details" entry.
    Helps as
    gnome-software offers an uninstall button there.
  * d/control: Bump phoc dependency.
    We require at least 0.20.0 due to phoc-layer-shell-effects
  * gitlab-ci: Use phoc 0.20.0.
    We'll update the base images once it migrated
  [ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
  * hks-manager: Set rfkill IOChannel to non-buffered.
    Part of the kernel API is that the messages are delivered as
    separate reads. Buffering can mess it up, so disable it.
    This has been made apparent by kernel commit
    which makes the reads not exceed RFKILL_EVENT_SIZE_V1 by default.
    We are asking for more, so buffering was doing additional
    read calls on our behalf.
  * top-panel: Set drag theshold to 0.3 for consistency with PhoshHome
  * top-panel: Update PhoshArrow progress during surface drag
  * home: Update PhoshArrow progress during surface drag
  [ Arnaud Ferraris ]
  * phoc.ini: Drop no longer needed scale config.
    As `phoc` is now able to automatically compute the scaling factor based
    on the output's physical size, we no longer need to set this value in
    the default config: `DSI` output should return a correct physical size,
    while `X11` and `WL` outputs advertise a 0x0 mm size, leading phoc to
    fall back to the default scale value (`1`).
  [ Thomas ]
  * Rename call-inbound to call-added.
    Rename the call-inbound signal to call-added and remove the check to see
    whether a call is inbound and display the call independent from its call
    state. This is required for emergency calls to work in #615 and !904.
  [ Sam Hewitt ]
  * osd-window: Update to match new design
    - changes osd window from fullscreen to top-aligned bubble
  * settings: Polish layout when there are not notifications
  * lockscreen: Tweak clock animations
  * lockscreen: Tweak wwan and battery indicator style.
    Close: #272
  * top-panel: Style tweaks.
    Improve clock and button styling
  [ InsanePrawn ]
  * gitlab-ci: Add networkmanager to alpine deps
  [ Pablo Correa Gómez ]
  * monitor-manager: Mark SetOutputCTM call as unimplemented
  * monitor-manager: Implement ApplyMonitorsConfigAllowed property.
    Otherwise the monitor configuration will be locked and not editable
    by the user.
  * monitor: Add "n-gamma-entries" property.
    The gamma-size handling in wlr is inherintly asynchronous. Therefore,
    track the value of "n_gamma_entries" in a property, so consumers
    can be notified of changes
  * monitor-manager: Implement NightLightSupported property.
    Will be needed for GNOME Settings to avoid letting users modify
    Night Light when that is not available.
  * dbus: Pull latest org.gnome.Mutter.DisplayConfig interface
  [ Nathan Sherwood ]
  * build: Use libhandy 1.2 if used as a subproject
  [ Nathan Follens ]
  * Update Dutch translation
  [ Pablo Barciela ]
  * Update Spanish translation
  [ Balázs Úr ]
  * Update Hungarian translation
  [ Yuri Chornoivan ]
  * Update Ukrainian translation
  [ Luna Jernberg ]
  * Update Swedish translation
  [ Vittorio Monti ]
  * Update Italian translation
  [ Emin Tufan Çetin ]
  * Update Turkish translation
  [ Piotr Drąg ]
  * Update Polish translation
  [ Yosef Or Boczko ]
  * Update Hebrew translation
  [ Daniel Șerbănescu ]
  * Update Romanian translation
  [ Danial Behzadi ]
  * Update Persian translation
  [ Quentin PAGÈS ]
  * Add and update Occitan translation
  [ Zurab Kargareteli ]
  * Add Georgian translation
  [ Jiri Grönroos ]
  * Update Finnish translation
  [ Hugo Carvalho ]
  * Update Portuguese translation

Required versions of related projects

  • glib >= 2.72.0
  • gnome-calls >= 42
  • gtk3 >= 3.24.30
  • gtk4 >= 4.6.2
  • phoc >= 0.20.0, wlroots = 0.15.1
  • squeekboard >= 1.15.0

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Patches that aren't merged upstream yet:

Recommended patches on other projects

Patches that are merged upstream but not yet in a released version:

Patches that aren't merged upstream yet:

See and debian/control for build-time and run-time dependencies.

For older releases

These are only some of the required/recommended patches. If in doubt please use the released versions above: