phosh v0.17.0

New features

  • Access Portal support
  • Mobile data indicator

Maybe noteworthy

  • Suspend after resume fixes
  • If you're using GNOME Settings < 42 revert this
  • Contributors:
    • Florian Loers
    • Guido Günther
    • Kai Lüke
    • Pablo Barciela
    • Sam Hewitt
    • ZenWalker

i18n updates

  • UI translations:
    • Emin Tufan Çetin (tr)
    • free software (es)
    • Hugo Carvalho (pt)
    • Jiri Grönroos (fi)
    • Martin (sl)
    • Pablo Barciela (es)
    • Piotr Drąg (pl)
    • Prasanta Hembram (sat)
    • Мирослав Николић (sr)

Detailed changes

phosh (0.17.0) experimental; urgency=medium
  [ Pablo Barciela ]
  * head: Variable 'float' instead 'int' for 'base_scaled_w'
    'floorf' returns 'float'
  * Fix [-Wignored-qualifiers] warnings.
  * meson: Avoid deprecated 'Dependency.get_pkgconfig_variable'
  * Update Spanish translation
  * wwan-info: Drop unused macro
  [ Guido Günther ]
  * layer-surface: Allow to fetch margins.
    This is a bit simpler than using g_object_get() directly.
  * layer-surface: Allow to fetch configured width and height.
    Avoid g_object_get() roundtrip
  * util: Move local_date() from lockscreen.
    It's useful in the top-panel too
  * arrow: Add doc string
  * home: Simplify osk button visibility setting
  * tests: Fix typo
  * wwan: Make source file name match PhoshWwanManager.
    We separate words by '-'.
  * vpn-manager: Drop property name prefix.
    Use the style from
  * settings: Include the abstract WWAN header.
    We don't use any backend specific code here.
  * docs: Add PhoshWwanManager
  * wwan-manager: Add data-enabled property.
    This allows to indicate whether mobile data is enabled
  * wwan-info: Make source file name match PhoshWWanInfo.
    We separate words by '-'.
  * wwan-info: Indicate status of mobile data.
    We use two arrays with icon names so we can still avoid allocations.
    (Closes: #721)
  * quick-settings: Follow g-c-c to Settings rename.
    We have another mention of org.gnome.ControlCenter in
    phosh_get_desktop_app_info_for_app_id() but let's keep that for one more
    iteration to ease upgrades. Settings now reports a sane app-id
  * po: Drop es_ES.po. We have es.po
  * build: Document libphosh_{,tool_} sources
  * testlib: Clear heads and modes only when used.
  * debian: Install portal
  * ci: Simplify docker file for i386 builds.
    We don't need any packages from experimental anymore
  * ci: Use bookworm for i386 build too
  [ Sam Hewitt ]
  * data: Add no-data variant of cellular icons
  [ Kai Lüke ]
  * Emit WakeUpScreen signal and reset idle timers on resume.
    When the device resumes from suspend and there is no user input,
    gsd-power remains in the "sleep" state because there is no WakeUpScreen
    signal such that even when the new idle timer that gsd-power registered
    after resume triggers, the transition from "sleep" to "sleep" is
    ignored and the system does not suspend. A second difference to the
    behavior of Mutter/GNOME Shell is that on resume there is no reset of
    the registered idle timers which should also be fixed to ensure that
    Phosh behaves the same.
    Act on the logind PrepareForSleep signal (the resume case) to emit the
    WakeUpScreen signal and reset the idle timers.
  [ Florian Loers ]
  * portal: Add access api.
    Implements org.freedesktop.impl.portal
    Closes #49
  * data: Install phosh.portal.
    This makes xdg-desktop-portal use our access implementation.
  [ free software ]
  * po: Update Spanish translation
  [ Martin ]
  * Update Slovenian translation
  [ Jiri Grönroos ]
  * Update Finnish translation
  [ Мирослав Николић ]
  * Update Serbian translation
  [ Prasanta Hembram ]
  * Add Santali translation
  [ Hugo Carvalho ]
  * Update Portuguese translation
  [ Emin Tufan Çetin ]
  * Update Turkish translation
  [ Piotr Drąg ]
  * Update Polish translation
  * po: Remove .pot file.
    Damned Lies automatically generates one for us.

Required versions of related projects

  • glib >= 2.72.0
  • gnome-calls >= 42
  • gtk3 >= 3.24.30
  • gtk4 >= 4.6.2
  • phoc >= 0.10.0 (with wlroot 0.14.0)
  • squeekboard >= 1.15.0 && < 1.17.0 (newer version work but there's a sizing regression)
  • geoclue >= 2.6.0

Patches that are merged upstream but not yet in a released version:

Patches that aren't merged upstream yet:

Patches that aren't merged upstream yet:

See and debian/control for build-time and run-time dependencies.

For older releases

These are only some of the required/recommended patches. If in doubt please use the released versions above: