phosh v0.16.0

New features

  • Fading labels in the overview
  • Keypad can shuffle buttons
  • More style refresh

Maybe noteworthy

  • Better ASAN coverage in tests
  • Update to libcall-ui 0.0.2
  • phosh-osk-stub moved to separate repo
  • Plenty of fixes and cleanups
  • Contributors:
    • Adrien Plazas
    • Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras
    • Guido Günther
    • Pablo Barciela
    • Sam Hewitt

i18n updates

  • UI translations:
    • Danial Behzadi (fa)
    • Daniel Șerbănescu (ro)
    • Fran Dieguez (gl)
    • Marc Riera (ca)
    • Matheus Barbosa (pt_BR)
    • Yosef Or Boczko (he)

Detailed changes

phosh (0.16.0) experimental; urgency=medium
  [ Guido Günther ]
  * Doc updates
  * tools: Add helper to check OSD
  * osd: Drop superfluous packaging. Eases the GTK4 port.
  * osd: Rely on GTK focus defaults. Smaller UI file and eases GTK4 port.
  * gnome-shell-manager: Simplify AcceleratorInfo handling.
    It was allocated outside of grab_single_accelerator() but
    the details weren't ever needed by the callers so keep things
    local so we don't end up leaking again.
  * keypad: Drop superfluous receives-default properties
  * keypad: Drop superfluous can-focus properties
  * doap: Update description
  * sm.puri.OSK0: Name method argument.
    This generates slightly nicer bindings and documents the
    argument in one go.
  * Drop osk-stub.
    Since this grew more and more features and people accidentally installed
    it (#720) move it to a separate repo:
  * tools: Build app-buttons when tests are enabled.
    The screenshot tests use it and abort with a timeout if not
  * editorconfig: Bump line length to 100.
    This is what we've been using for some time
  * background: Don't unref NULL pixbuf.
    If no background was ever set we'd generate a critical otherwise.
  * phosh-wayland: Make sure to destroy all globals.
    Doesn't matter much in practice as they only get created once
  * phosh-wayland: Destroy output globals.
    Otherwise we leak on output hotplug too.
    Since we destroy the output when removing from the hash table
    we no longer need to do so explicitly.
  * layer-surface: Use g_clear_pointer.  Less code and easier to read.
  * tests/timestamp-label: Don't leak str
  * testlib: Finalize PhocWayland before killing the compositor.
    Otherwise we try to cleanup on a dead connection.
  * top-panel: Don't leak action_names.
    We free when the bindings change but not on dispose.
  * monitor-manager: Drop unused variable
  * monitor-manager: Use casts.
    This will warn us if we get the types wrong
  * tests: Generate better backraces with ASAN.
    It makes the ASAN runs way slower but backtraces are more useful with
    Partially fixes 7d5d1c39 ("ci: Drop valgrind run until we have more RAM")
  * leak-suppress: Add GDK leaks.
    Some things aren't cleaned up by GDK in GTK3. Add these.
  * testlib: Drop unused variable
  * tests: Add a stub for head handling.
    Otherwise we'll produce head related leaks in the tests.
  * gitlab-ci: Run phoc based unit tests as well.
    This greatly improves the ASAN coverage
  * tests-monitor-manager: Remove unused variable
  * wifimanager: Don't leak ssid on shutdown
  * test-take-screenshot: Free virtual keyboard
  * tests: Add osd-window unit test
  * fading-label: Add constructor
  * Avoid gchar in multiple places
    We want to use standard C types where possible
  * tests: Add fading label unit test
  * build: Move app-auth-prompt to libphosh_tool. This makes it available in
    the tests
  * tests: Add test for app-auth-prompt
  * keypad: Allow to shuffle buttons. Allow them 0-9 to take random positions
    while any extra keys remain at fixed positions)
    (Closes: #431)
  * lockscreen: Allow to toggle shuffle via gsetting.
    Enable via
       gsettings set sm.puri.phosh.lockscreen shuffle-keypad true
  * channel-bar: Don't expose adjustment.
    Rather emit the change signal directly. This allows us to e.g.
    set the slider to zero on mute while still retaining the old
    adjustment value.
  * channel-bar: Don't emit volume-changed when muted.
    We want to keep the original volume on the stream for unumute
  * settings: Set is-muted when channel is muted.
    This moves the volume slider to zero but unmute still restores the old
  * channel-bar: Drop zero adjustment.
    This should have tracked the volume when muted but never did
  * monitor-manager: Fix fd leak.
  * docs: Drop wayand protocols.
    Since they're not using gtk-doc parsing always gave heaps of errors and
    the generated don't have much to say either.
    It would be great to have them documented (e.g. by linking to the
    upstream docs) but we can do that with the switch to gi-docgen.
  * build: Bump meson version to 0.54.0. We'll use the fs module
  * protocols: Use custom_target.
    This reduces the number of targets from ~3700 to ~2500.
  * lockscreen-manager: Fix argument type
  * settings: Fix argument type
  * call: Use PROP_ID to override id, not PROP_DISPLAY_NAME.
    And the other way around.
    Fixes: 70dd1f2825d18a23337fb56dad9c469f2858bc29
  * call: Store all param specs.
    We'll store one in the follow up commit but let's not have
    an array with holes in it.
  * call: Handle active-time property.
    This makes sure the call time doesn't get reset when locking/unlocking
    the shell and call times are in sync with the calls application (except
    when the shell restarts). For that we update to libcall-ui 0.0.2
  * Update libcall-ui to latest main.
    This picks up some fixes on top of 0.0.2 that eases the build
    for downstreams.
  * d/gbp.conf: Ignore Marge-Bot's Part-of:
    We don't want to clutter the changelog with that
  [ Adrien Plazas ]
  * Add PhoshClamp. This will be used to clamp the natural size request of
  * app-grid-button: Limit the natural width request.
    This uses a PhoshClamp to limit the natural width request of the button
    in pixels rather than limiting the label's maximum width in characters.
    This dissociates the width from the font size, giving us more control
    over the button's size, and this allows the button's labels to take more
    width if available.
    This purposefully leaves the indentation broken to ease review. It will
    be fixed in the next commit.
  * app-grid-button: Fix the indentation.
    It was purposefully left broken in the previous commit.
  * Add fribidi dependency.
    This will be used to create a fading label.
  * Add direction helpers using fribidi.
    This will be used to create a fading label. This is copied from
    libhandy, which itself copied it from GTK.
  * Add PhoshFadingLabel.
    This is copied from Libhandy.
  * app-grid-button: Use a fading label.
    This gives the title a single line as desired by the designers to match
    GNOME Shell and iOS, while making more of the title visible and being
    less aggressive than an ellipsis.
  [ Sam Hewitt ]
  * osd-window: Update the layout and refresh the style.
    Reorders the layout of things in the UI and simplify CSS.
  * shell: Update lockscreen and notification styles
    - puts all the styling for the notifications together
    - improved :focus, :active and :hover styles for all buttons
    - update notification bubble style
  [ Pablo Barciela ]
  * notifications: Reduce the scope of some variables
  * phosh-wwan-mm: Reduce the scope of variable 'modem_object_path'
  * layersurface: Reduce the scope of variable 'gdk_window'
  * util: Reduce the scope of variable 'fd'
  * gnome-shell-manager: Fix memory leak.
  * gnome-shell-manager: Assert on action id.
    Makes things more obvious and the static analyzer happy.
  * head: Fix [-Wbad-function-cast] warnings.
  * head: Compare float variables with G_APPROX_VALUE
  * test-head: Compare float variables with G_APPROX_VALUE
  [ Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras ]
  * gnome-shell-manager: Protect against overflow.
    If we overflow we must not allow for any new grabs since
    we'd otherwise risk to overwrite old ones.
  [ Danial Behzadi ]
  * Update Persian translation
  [ Matheus Barbosa ]
  * Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
  [ Fran Dieguez ]
  * Add Galician translation
  [ Yosef Or Boczko ]
  * Update Hebrew translation
  [ Marc Riera ]
  * Update Catalan translation
  [ Daniel Șerbănescu ]
  * Update Romanian translation

Required patches/versions off other projects

Patches that are merged upstream but not yet in a released version:

You really need all of the "lanuch splash" related patches since otherwise it won't work (either won't show or won't hide).

Patches that aren't merged upstream yet:

Required versions of related projects

There's too many changes to list required patches individually:

  • phoc >= 0.10.0
  • squeekboard >= 1.15.0
  • gnome-calls >= 42~rc.0

Recommended patches on other projects

Patches that are merged upstream but not yet in a released version:

Patches that aren't merged upstream yet:

See and debian/control for build-time and run-time dependencies.