phosh v0.13.1

New features

  • Cycle through all feedback profiles in quick setting (Pablo Correa Gómez)
  • Add button to close all notifications (Guido Günther)

Maybe noteworthy

  • Improve support for mounting encrypted media (Guido Günther)
  • Don't launch app twice when keyboard activated from search bar (Guido Günther)
  • Improve fractional scaling support (Guido Günther)
  • Better media player styling (Guido Günther)

i18n updates

  • UI translations: Daniel Șerbănescu (ro) Kristjan SCHMIDT (eo) Marc Riera (ca) Michael Oppliger (de) Andika Triwidada (id)

Detailed changes

phosh (0.13.1) experimental; urgency=medium
  [ Guido Günther ]
  * d/gbp.conf: Switch development branch to main
  * d/control: Bump breaks on gnome-calls.
    Not strictly necessary but makes missing deps easier to detect
  * ci: Add font to alpine image.
    This fixes the overview test crash since pango needs at least
    on font in some versions. Thanks to InsanePrawn for the backtrace.
  * notification-frame: Align timestamp to the end.
    The current center leaves too much space to the right.
  * notify-manager: Add method to close all notifications
  * settings-menu: Add heading to notifications list-box
  * Add callback to clear all notifications (Closes: #570)
  * build: libcall-ui moved to /World/Phosh too.
    Adjust the submodule URL
  * ci: Be verbose when installing alpine deps.
    This makes identifying breackage due to changed versions easier.
  * media-player: Fix button order
  * media-player: Move navigation buttons into a box.
    This makes {first,last}-child styling way simpler
  * media-player: Drop receives-default properties
  * media-player: Remove margin.
    This makes it the same width as notifications instead of slightly
    smaller which looked very odd.
  * media-player: Use the same border radius than notifications.
    Looks odd otherwise
  * media-player: Switch artist and title.
    Left align and dim artist to get closer to designs
  * media-player: Drop lockscreen styling.
    Style it the same way we style in settings menu and the notifications.
    Closer to designs in
  * media-player: Improve button layour and styling.
    Use larger play/pause button, move ff and rev a bit closer
    to the center.
    Closer to designs in
  * media-player: Use larger icon.
    Center text artist / song verticaly to it. This looks odd
    with Firefox since it tries to be clever and use 16:9 which
    the gicon aligns renders to the top instead of centered.
  * lockscreen: Use less margin between elements.
    Lower the margin between icons and media player and media player and
    notifications quiet a bit to safe space and look more consistent.
  * Add initial PhoshMountOperation.
    This implements GMountOperation's ask-password to handle th UI bits for
    e.g. encrypted volumes. We can add other methods like `ask_question`
    later on.
  * mount-manager: Use PhoshMountOperation.
    This allows allow for interactive prompts to ask for passwords
    of encrypted volumes.
    With this encrypted volumes can be mounted without going through
    nautilus first. (Closes: #573)
  * shell: Use fractional scale for phosh_shell_get_usable_area too.
    Otherwise fractional scaling is off on the primary display.
    Fixes: 540c85c83e6634a7cf90a4f4276339003f10a352
  * overview: Use fractional monitor scale.
    This will allow us to drop the integer scale completely.
  * monitor: Drop integer scale
  * tests: Add test for head scale calculations
  * monitor-manager: Support fractional scale DisplayConfig.
    This allows to set fractional scale in Settings too. The actual
    calculation is based on what mutter does. (Closes: #479)
  * Revert "monitor-manager: Flip transform"
    This reverts commit 75cad1aaeb76f75b1cd6066392f956e083f6f5ec.
    There's no need to flip the transform with recent wlroots/phoc, we
    end up flipping the upside down in landscape mode otherwise when
    e.g. changing scale.
  * Rename panel top top-panel.
    This makes it match the ui file
  * top-panel: Drop priv.
    No need for that when we're never going to derive.
    Related: #378
  * home: Don't pass on <return> to search bar
    otherwise we end up activating from the search bar twice thus
    launching the apps two times (which  most of the times doesn't
    matter due to the apps single instance pattern but e.g. Firefox
    shows the issue).
    Fixes 60f6a2e157e60a38ad8b8913882ff1e6fea548a3
  [ Mohammed Sadiq ]
  * d/rules: Disable building tests if 'nocheck' set.
    Not building tests reduces the binaries to build by more than half
  [ Pablo Correa Gómez ]
  * feedback-manager: Rotate profiles on touch to quick settings.
    Currently, there exist three different feedback profiles:
    "full", "quiet", "silent", but quick settings touch only
     switches in-between "full" and "silent". Instead, rotate
     from "full" to "quiet" to "silent" and back to "full"
  [ Marc Riera ]
  * Update Catalan translation
  [ Kristjan SCHMIDT ]
  * Update Esperanto translation
  [ Daniel Șerbănescu ]
  * Update Romanian translation
  [ Michael Oppliger ]
  * Update German translation

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