phosh v0.10.1
phosh (0.10.1) byzantium; urgency=medium

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * rotateinfo: Fix indentation
  * monitor-manager: Fix doc string.
    Make function name match the actual definition.
  * torch: Make debug statement more useful.
    We want to what things changed not only that happened.
  * proximity: Handle NULL builtin monitor.
    There might be no builtin monitor at all or it could be disabled.
  * shell: Create sensor-manager early.
    We want that before the panels since those might use other
    managers that need the sensor-manager (e.g. rotation-manager)
  * shell: Don't bother with accelerometer.
    Rotation-manager takes care of that
  * shell: Decruft builtin monitor setup.
    Just look it up on start since it can't change.
  * Avoid sensor-proxy singleton.
    Treat it as regular initable that is fetched from the shell
    like other managers.
  * Add rotation-manager.
    The rotation manager listens to device orientation changes
    and adjusts the primary display accordingly.
    This interfaces with lockscreen, iio-sensor-proxy and
    gsettings to figure out the correct screen orientation.
    The manager has two modes: off (don't rotate any output) and sensor
    (adjust due to sensor values).
  * rotateinfo: Display either rotation lock or orientation.
    Based on the rotation managers mode dislay appropriate information.
    (Closes: #18)
  * settings: Add orientation lock to rotate quick setting.
    Long press switches between potrait/landscape and rotation lock.
  * settings: Don't close menu when toggling rotation lock.
    This makes it consistent with other toggles like feedback toggle.
  * Move Lockscreen rotation fixup to rotation-manager.
    No need to have several objects involved. This avoids
    lockscreen and rotation manager racing since we can
    do it past the unclaim of the accelerometer.
  * rotateinfo: Use monitor from rotation-manager consistently.
    So far this was dependent on mode and incorrectly tracked the primary
    monitor for manual toggle.
  * shell: Drop transform handling.
    This is done by the rotation-manager which always acts on the
    given monitor. (Closes: #56)
  * rotation-manager: Mess with transform as little as possible.
    On phones when we're already using portrait orientation don't bother
    fixing this up. This allows for e.g. upside down operation.
  * monitor: Update org.gnome.Mutter.DisplayConfig.
    This is from mutter's 331b5f356311f1dcfc1b580e349a60d25fc0e34f
  * monitor-manager: Drop supports-mirroring prop.
    It got removed with the DisplayConfig interface update. Mutter doesn't
    use it anymore, g-c-c still parses it but doesn't use it in 3.38.
  * monitor-manager: Handle panel-orientation-managed (Closes: #540)
  * monitor-manager: Delay 'monitor-added' until monitor is configured.
    This makes is simpler for other parts of the shell since they don't
    need to track this on their own.
    While at that make phosh_monitor_manager_add_monitor private since
    this should only happen within monitor-manager.
  * shell: Handle builtin monitor dynamically.
    It e.g. goes away when disabled in docked mode
  * rotation-manager: Update tracked monitor.
    Update tracked monitor when builtin changes. We do this explicitly
    rather than listening to changes on monitor-manager since this way
    the rotation-manager doesn't need to be aware that it's tracking
    a built-in monitor. It just tracks what's passed in.
  * rotateinfo: Make insensitive when built-in monitor is disabled
  * end-session-dialog: Drop debug leftover
  * lockscreen-manager: Remove unused timeout property.
    Unused since d3028d50686a1fba7876355ea3272def281ad030
  * lockscreen-manager: Document phosh_lockscreen_manager_set_locked.
    Use a better argument name while at that.
  * lockscreen: Fix signal name
  * monitor-manager: Clarify doc string
  * screen-saver-manager: Clarify debug message.
    Make it obvious we're sending out the DBus signal
  * shell: Look at the right manager.
    Don't check torch manager when we want location.
  * shell: Don't create loctation manager twice.
    Since the panels are constructed before the init in the shell's
    idle_cb we'd construct twice since priv->location_manager is still
    NULL. USe the getter instead to be independent from init order.
  * location-manager: Translate location accuracy levels.
    Geoclue uses something different then the desktop schemas.
    Thanks to Dylan Van Assche for the report

  [ Clayton Craft ]
  * meson: bump version to 0.10.0.
    Seems like this was missed when 0.10.0 was tagged.

  [ Daniel Șerbănescu ]
  * po: Update Romanian translation

  [ Yuri Chornoivan ]
  * po: Update Ukrainian translation

  [ Emin Tufan Çetin ]
  * po: Update Turkish translation

  [ Jan Jasper de Kroon ]
  * po: Update Dutch translation

 -- Guido Günther <>  Sat, 10 Apr 2021 09:18:33 +0200