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WIP Separate Locking from Blanking

Administrator requested to merge lock-enabled into main

Closes: #457 (closed) , prereq for #283 and phoc#206 (closed)

This is has man open ends but since there's movement in #283 let's give this visibility.


  • blank screen again on screen lock (currently we either blank or lock)
  • make power button behavior consistent (blank when screen lock is disabled, lock when screen lock is enabled after a short delay)
  • unblank on arbitrary keypress when blanked but not locked
  • handle lock-delay (amount of time to lock afer blank)
  • Don't unblank right away an ALT-L (rather lock and blank short delay (as if locked from the power menu)
  • check for screen-savers's active property rather than phosh_shell_get_locked () when figuring out feedback for notifications
  • check other phosh_shell_get_locked () call sites
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