Split the app grid out from the overview

Adrien Plazas requested to merge aplazas/phosh:two-steps-drawer into main


  • replaces the scrollable app grid from the overview by a paginated app carousel
  • puts the app carousel in a page below the overview
  • moves the favorites at the beginning of the app carousel
  • moves the search bar above the running apps so we can display the results without having UI elements jumping around

It's still a prototype and I'm polishing it, but if you want you can already pick the package from the CI and try it on PureOS Byzantium with https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/developer.puri.sm/-/issues/193.

Please note there are some known and likely unknown regressions, so test it at your own risk while I polish it.

What it looks like at the creation of the MR:


To do:

  • Refiltering the paginated apps list (to show/hide non-adpative apps) freezes the UI because it infinitely loops in the apps model somehow, it should be fixed.
  • Allow quitting the search mode: hiding the OSK, unfocusing the search bar…
  • The OSK hides the bottom of the app search results, it should be fixed.
  • The apps carousel's indicator is wrongly sized on my phone but not on my dev environment, it should be fixed.
  • Refilter the apps carousel when favorites change.
  • Reset the drawer's state when it's folded
  • Prevent dragging the surface when dragging a PhoshActivity.
  • layout on wider screens (including landscape): !1079 (comment 1478365)
  • crash: !1079 (comment 1493563)
  • performance regressions: !1079 (comment 1523765)

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