phoc v0.20.0

This version requires wlroots 0.15.1 and recommends following patches:

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * render: Simplify render_layer invocations
  * render: Use output directly
  * render: Rename _box to box
  * editorconfig: Bump line length to 100
  * testlib: Include header only once
  * test-layer-shell: Fix indent
  * tests: Add code that lets us create layer surfaces easily
  * output: Fix some indentation
  * config.h: Add some comments
  * Add gesture support
  * Add layer-shell-effects protocol
  * layer-shell-effects: Prevent drag in the wrong direction when unfolded
  * Attach draggable surfaces to gestures
  * Add layer-shell-effects example
  * testlib: Fetch layer-shell-effects protocol
  * tests: Add initial layer-surface-effects test
  * xdg-shell: Reformat xdg_popup_unconstrain()
  * xdg-shell: Use toplevels output when unconstraining popups
  * subproject: Update wlroots to 0.15.1 plus our fixes
  * d/control: Bump wlroots dependency to 0.15.1
  * ci: Work around a crash in g-ir-compiler
  * ci: Switch docker container to sid
  * ci: Use wlroots 0.15.1 based container image
  * ci: Mark PureOS byzantium job as manual
  * Remove startup-id compilation
  * build: Drop output power management related checks
  * Adjust to render changes
  * render: Allow to fail initialization
  * desktop: Reindent handle_new_output
  * output: Handle failure to create renderer
  * renderer: Make sure the modifier list isn't empty
  * build: Require wlroots 0.15.1
  * output: Clear list of layers on finalize
  * cursor: Handle touch frame event
  * layer-shell-effects: Adjust to wlroots 0.15.x
  * gtk-shell: Namespace phoc_gtk_surface_from_resource
  * gtk-shell: Add getter for app_id
  * gtk-shell: Make PhocGtk{Shell,Surface} private
  * layer-shell-effects: Make drag-surface related structs private
  * tests: Move xdg-suface helpers to testlib
  * gtk-surface: Drop NULL check
  * view: Make tiled state a bit mask
  * view: Add getter for tile direction
  * gtk-shell: Send edge constraints
  * build: Sort gesture source files alphabetically
  * gesture: Use Phoc prefix consistently
  * seat: Don't use assert and g_error for the same thing
  * cursor: Track and use compositor side touch points
  * gesture: Add helpers needed for zoom and cancel
  * Support zoom gestures
  * build: Check for wlr_seat_touch_send_cancel at build time
  * cursor: Cancel touch gestures

  [ Pablo Barciela ]
  * server: Fix [-Wmissing-field-initializers] warning
  * testlib: Fix [-Wmissing-field-initializers] warning
  * tests: move 'struct _PhocTestXdgToplevelSurface' to 'testlib.h'

  [ Arnaud Ferraris ]
  * utils: Add new function for calculating output scale
  * output: Automatically compute scaling factor

  [ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
  * Adjust to wlroots 0.15
  * layer-shell-effects: Add phoc_draggable_layer_surface_get_layer_surface
  * cursor: Use phoc_draggable_layer_surface_get_layer_surface
  * subprojects: Switch wlroots repo to patch-queue/pureos/octarine branch

  [ anteater ]
  * desktop: Revert output enable when commit fails