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Bump version to 3.31.1

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......@@ -4,12 +4,12 @@
<launchable type="desktop-id">org.gnome.PasswordSafe.desktop</launchable>
<name>Password Safe</name>
<summary>Keepass Client</summary>
<summary>KeePass Client</summary>
<p>Password Safe is a password manager which makes use of the Keepass v.4 format. It integrates perfectly with the GNOME desktop and provides an easy and uncluttered interface for the management of password databases.</p>
<release version="0.9.3" date="2018-08-23">
<release version="3.31.1" date="2018-09-05">
<li>Development version</li>
project('passwordsafe', 'c',
version: '0.9.3',
version: '3.31.1',
meson_version: '>= 0.40.0',
i18n = import('i18n')
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