Commit d7d2e9b0 authored by Falk Alexander Seidl's avatar Falk Alexander Seidl

Prevent Attribute Error caused by wrong Condition Order

parent 506001da
Pipeline #71443 passed with stage
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......@@ -826,15 +826,15 @@ class UnlockedDatabase:
def undo_redo_receiver(self, action):
if "TabBox" not in self.window.get_focus().get_name():
if type(self.window.get_focus()) is not Gtk.Entry and type(self.window.get_focus()) is not Gtk.TextView:
if type(self.window.get_focus().get_buffer()) is not passwordsafe.history_buffer.HistoryTextBuffer and type(self.window.get_focus().get_buffer()) is not passwordsafe.history_buffer.HistoryEntryBuffer:
if "TabBox" not in self.window.get_focus().get_name():
buffer = self.window.get_focus().get_buffer()
text = ""
if action == "undo":
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