Verified Commit be50b435 authored by M. Sandoval's avatar M. Sandoval 🥑
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settings_dialog: Simplify fns signatures

parent 0bf7ee27
......@@ -105,8 +105,8 @@ class Application(Gtk.Application):
simple_action.connect("activate", callback)
def show_settings(self, action, param):
SettingsDialog(self.window).on_settings_menu_clicked(action, param)
def show_settings(self, _action: Gio.Action, _param: GLib.Variant) -> None:
def show_about_dialog(self, _action: Gio.SimpleAction, _param: None) -> None:
"""Invoked when we click "about" in the main menu"""
......@@ -32,10 +32,7 @@ class SettingsDialog(Handy.PreferencesWindow):
self.window = window
self.props.transient_for = self.window
def on_settings_menu_clicked(self, _action, _param):
def _set_config_values(self):
# pylint: disable=too-many-locals
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