Verified Commit ae19916e authored by M. Sandoval's avatar M. Sandoval 🥑
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main_window: Remove redundant actions

Those calls were not doing anything. The db_settings action was written explicitly.
parent 8ac71656
......@@ -509,18 +509,9 @@ class MainWindow(Handy.ApplicationWindow):
# MenuButton Popover Actions
def add_database_menubutton_popover_actions(self):
actions = [
("db.add_entry", "on_add_entry_action", None),
("db.add_group", "on_add_group_action", None),
("db.settings", "on_database_settings_entry_clicked", None),
("sort", "on_sort_menu_button_entry_clicked", None),
for action, name, arg in actions:
simple_action =, None)
"activate", self.execute_gio_action, name, arg)
db_settings_action ="db.settings", None)
db_settings_action.connect("activate", self.execute_gio_action, "on_database_settings_entry_clicked")
sort_action = self.application.settings.create_action(
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