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      Add support for Tesseract version 3.05.00 · d3852693
      aszlig authored
      This is a bit more involved, because Tesseract 3.05.00 comes not only
      with improvements but also with a few quirks we need to deal with.
      The first quirk is that the order arguments of the `tesseract' command
      now matters and the list of configurations has to be at the end of the
      command line. So we add a new attribute tesseract_flags to the
      BaseBuilder class that contains a list of all the flags to pass to
      `tesseract', the tesseract_configs attribute however remains pretty much
      the same but now only really contains a list of configs instead of being
      mixed with flag arguments.
      Another quirk has to do with Leptonica >= 1.74 which Tesseract 3.05.00
      now requires. Leptonica has special handling of files that reside in
      /tmp and assumes that it's an internal temporary file of Leptonica. In
      order to deal with it, we now run Tesseract in a temporary directory,
      which contains the input/output files and use the relative name of these
      files because Leptonica only searches for path names beginning with
      Fortunately the last item we need to address is not really a quirk, but
      an API change. In Tesseract 3.05.00 there is now a new function called
      TessBaseAPIDetectOrientationScript(), which doesn't fill the OSResults
      object anymore but now allows to pass the values we're interested in
      directly by reference. We need to use this new function because the old
      function TessBaseAPIDetectOS() now *always* returns false.
      Ran the test suite successfully with Python 3.5 and both Tesseract
      3.04.01 and 3.05.00 except the following tests, which also didn't
      succeed prior to this commit:
       * cuneiform:TestTxt.test_basic
       * cuneiform:TestTxt.test_european
       * cuneiform:TestTxt.test_french
       * cuneiform:TestWordBox.test_basic
       * cuneiform:TestWordBox.test_european
       * cuneiform:TestWordBox.test_french
       * libtesseract:TestBasicDoc.test_basic
       * libtesseract:TestDigitLineBox.test_digits
       * libtesseract:TestLineBox.test_japanese
       * libtesseract:TestTxt.test_japanese
       * libtesseract:TestWordBox.test_japanese
       * tesseract:TestDigitLineBox.test_digits
       * tesseract:TestTxt.test_japanese
      The failure of these test cases is probably related to issue #52, but
      from looking at the failures it doesn't seem to be related to this
      change anyway.
      Signed-off-by: default avataraszlig <aszlig@redmoonstudios.org>
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