Commit ac98d6ed authored by Jerome Flesch's avatar Jerome Flesch

Merge branch 'testing' into develop

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all: paperwork_installer.exe
all: paperwork_stable_installer.exe paperwork_testing_installer.exe paperwork_develop_installer.exe
mkdir -p dll
......@@ -24,12 +24,30 @@ out.nsi:
echo Download URI: ${DOWNLOAD_URI}
python3 ./ ${RELEASE} ${DOWNLOAD_URI}
paperwork_installer.exe: dll/INetC.dll dll/nsisunz.dll out.nsi
paperwork_stable_installer.exe: dll/INetC.dll dll/nsisunz.dll
rm -f out.nsi
$(MAKE) out.nsi RELEASE=stable DOWNLOAD_URI=
makensis ./out.nsi
mv -f paperwork_installer.exe paperwork_stable_installer.exe
paperwork_testing_installer.exe: dll/INetC.dll dll/nsisunz.dll
rm -f out.nsi
$(MAKE) out.nsi RELEASE=testing DOWNLOAD_URI=
makensis ./out.nsi
mv -f paperwork_installer.exe paperwork_testing_installer.exe
paperwork_develop_installer.exe: dll/INetC.dll dll/nsisunz.dll
rm -f out.nsi
$(MAKE) out.nsi RELEASE=develop DOWNLOAD_URI=
makensis ./out.nsi
mv -f paperwork_installer.exe paperwork_develop_installer.exe
rm -rf dll
rm -f out.nsi
rm -f paperwork_installer.exe
rm -f paperwork_stable_installer.exe
rm -f paperwork_testing_installer.exe
rm -f paperwork_develop_installer.exe
.PHONY = all
2019/06/24 - 1.3.0:
2019/08/17 - 1.3.0:
- PDF export: PDFs can now be regenerated when exporting. Regenerated versions
will include words from the OCR, but some metadata may be lost.
- Optimization: Speed up conversions from PIL image to GdkPixbuf (used for
2019/06/24 - 1.3.0:
2019/08/17 - 1.3.0:
- Switch from Pyinsane2 to Libinsane
- Replace application menu by primary menu (new Gnome recommendation)
(thanks to Mathieu Jourdan)
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Subproject commit dbce13cdd1c2386e8a0d0dd7194373515404ef04
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Subproject commit 31acaf6dde3f39812d74ff0425df95daf913e3af
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