Commit 96655a1c authored by Jerome Flesch's avatar Jerome Flesch Committed by Jerome Flesch

Core: drop listing of explicitly-enabled plugins. Config plugin will take of it

Signed-off-by: 's avatarJerome Flesch <>
parent 4c95c328
......@@ -52,15 +52,13 @@ class Core(object):
Manage plugins and their callbacks.
def __init__(self):
self.explicits = []
self.plugins = {}
self._to_initialize = set()
self._initialized = set() # avoid double-init
self.interfaces = collections.defaultdict(list)
self.callbacks = collections.defaultdict(list)
def load(self, module_name, explicit=False):
def load(self, module_name):
- Load the specified module
- Instantiate the class 'Plugin()' of this module
......@@ -71,17 +69,11 @@ class Core(object):
- module_name: name of the Python module to load
- explicit: this plugin loading has been explicitly requested
by the user (used to track which modules must possibly be saved
in a configuration file)
if module_name in self.plugins:
"Loading plugin '%s' (explicit=%b) ...",
module_name, explicit
)"Loading plugin '%s' ...", module_name)
module = importlib.import_module(module_name)
plugin = module.Plugin()
......@@ -102,22 +94,11 @@ class Core(object):
LOGGER.debug("- %s.%s()", module_name, attr_name)
if explicit:
self._to_initialize.add(plugin)"Plugin '%s' loaded", module_name)
return plugin
def get_explicits(self):
Returns the list of module names that were loaded explicitly by user
request. Useful if you want to keep track of those modules in a
configuration file.
return tuple(self.explicits) # makes it immutable
def _load_deps(self):
to_examine = list(self.plugins.values())
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