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Doc: Debian: remove obsolete warning regarding Tesseract 4.0.0beta

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# Paperwork installation on GNU/Linux Debian or GNU/Linux Ubuntu
**BEWARE** (2018/06/19)
Current version of Debian testing (>= buster) and Ubuntu (>= 18.04) are shipped
with Tesseract 4.00 beta (there is no stable version of Tesseract 4 yet).
This version of Tesseract does *not* work yet with Paperwork nor PyOCR.
If you want to use Paperwork on those systems, you will have to
either downgrade to [Tesseract 3.05](
or use the [Flatpak version](/flatpak/README.markdown).
## Package
Currently, there is no official Debian or Ubuntu package for Paperwork.
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