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# How to contribute ?

[You can help in many way](
- Code contributions
- UX and UI designs
- Testing
- Translating
- Documentation

# Code contribution rules

* All commits go to the branch 'develop'. I (Jflesch) will cherry-pick them in master or release branches if required.
* Paperwork is made to be *simple* to use (think simple enough that your own grandmother could install and use it)
* Paperwork is open-source software (GPLv3+)
* Your changes must respect the [PEP8]( (you can use the command 'make check' to check your changes)
* You must not break existing features. You're strongly encouraged to discuss the changes you want to make beforehand (on the bug tracker, the mailing-list or IRC).
* Your contribution must be maintainable: It must be clear enough so that somebody else can maintain it. If it is a complicated piece of code, please comment it as clearly as possible.
* Your contribution must and will be reviewed (most likely by me, Jflesch)
* If you make an important contribution, please try to maintain it (fix bug reported by other users regarding features you added, etc).
* [Please try to have one change per commit](
* If you see pieces of code that doesn't follow these rules, feel free to make a cleanup commit to fix it. Please do not mix cleanups with other changes.
* If you add new dependencies, please update:
  * ``: for Python dependencies
  * `src/paperwork/`: frontend ; for non-Python dependencies
  * `paperwork-backend/`: backend ; for non-Python dependencies
  * `flatpak/develop.json`: Used to generate Flatpak packages (see `flatpak-builder`). To test your changes, you can generate standalone Paperwork Flatpak bundles with "cd flatpak ; make bundles" (it's quite long ; beware it will use your local `develop.json` but will package Paperwork from Github).

Same rules apply for all the libraries in Openpaperwork: PyOCR, Libinsane, etc.
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Regarding PEP-8, the following rules must be strictly followed:

1. Lines are at most 80 characters long
2. Indentation is done using 4 spaces

(again, please run "make check" before submitting a change)

# Continous Integration

There is a [BuildBot]( Between your machine and Buildbot, Buildbot is always right.

# Branches

Paperwork follows a process similar to the [GitFlow branching model](

Permanent branch:
* master : always match the last released version of Paperwork + some extra bugfixes. Only documentation updates and **safe** bugfixes are allowed on this branch. Minor versions come from this branch. Please **do not** send me changes for the branch 'master'. Send them for the branch 'develop', and I will cherry-pick them on 'master' if required.
* develop : where new features, cleanup, etc go.

Semi-permanent branches:
* release-xxxx : the next version of Paperwork, during its testing phase. No new feature is allowed. Only bugfixes, translations and documentation updates.

Temporary / feature development branches:
* wip-xxxx

Bugfixes and other contributions usually go in the branch 'develop'. They may or may not be cherry-picked into the branches release-xxx and master by Paperwork maintainer (Jerome Flesch).

# Versionning

Version have the following syntax: <M>[.<m>[.<U>[-<extra>]]]

## M = Major version

Major changes made / product completed.

On libraries, it means completely incompatible API with the previous version.

## m = minor version

Minor changes made.

On libraries, it means new major features have been added, but API should remain compatible.

## U = update version

Only bugfixes or very minor features.

## Extra

May match a Git tag done before a big change (for instance: before switching from Gtk 2 to Gtk 3).
If extra == "git", indicates a version directly taken from the git repository.

# Tips

## Debug

You can use the environment variable `PAPERWORK\_VERBOSE` to increase or
decrease the logging level. The accepted values are: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING,

## Separate Paperwork configuration for development from your day-to-day configuration

If you want to make changes, here is a tip that can help you:

Paperwork looks for a file `paperwork.conf` in the current work directory before
looking for a `.paperwork.conf` in your home directory. So if you want to
use a different configuration and/or a different set of documents for development
than for your real-life work, just copy your `~/.paperwork.conf` to
`./paperwork.conf`. Note that the settings dialog will also take care of
updating `./paperwork.conf` instead of `~/.paperwork.conf` if it exists.