I've released Paperwork 1.2.4.

Main changes in paperwork-gtk are:

  • Main window/pages/mouse handlers: Fix infinite loop in signal handling when the mouse goes over buttons drawn over pages.

Main changes in paperwork-backend are:

  • Label guessing: Fix the way bayesian filters are updated (will trigger an index rebuild). This should improve back drastically their efficiency for a lot of people.
  • Import: Remove ambiguity: Importers designed for import of directory will not try to import individual files. They will just let the importers designed for importing single file take care of it.
  • paperwork-shell/labels/guessing: return scores as well as labels (useful for testing/debugging)
  • Optim: PDF: Keep in memory the page sizes. It's an information very often requested when rendering documents and it cannot change with PDF files.

As usual, information regarding Paperwork (update, installation, etc) are available here: https://github.com/openpaperwork/paperwork#readme Detailed ChangeLog are available here: https://github.com/openpaperwork/paperwork/blob/master/paperwork-gtk/ChangeLog https://github.com/openpaperwork/paperwork/blob/master/paperwork-backend/ChangeLog

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