Paperwork-GUI 1.2.1:

  • Add source code of Windows installer (NSIS installer) generator
  • Scanner support / Multi-scan: Cancel also successful scan session. Otherwise some scanner won't allow new scan sessions later.
  • Remove gi version warnings when starting (thanks to Matthieu Coudron)
  • Documentation: Add missing stdeb dependencies (thanks to Notkea)
  • paperwork-shell: Fix command 'scan'
  • paperwork-shell install: add docstring
  • Fix dialog 'about'

Paperwork-backend 1.2.1:

  • paperwork-shell: improve help string of 'paperwork-shell chkdeps'
  • Fix label deletion / renaming
  • Windows: Fix FS.safe() when used for PDF import
  • Windows: Fix FS.unsafe() (used for PDF export)