'paperwork_x.y.z_win64.zip' contains ONLY Paperwork itself, NOT Tesseract. Tesseract and its data files are required to use Paperwork. The exact list of required tesseract's data files depends on which languages you intend to use.
So please do not use this .zip. Use the installer (.exe) instead.


I'm pleased to announce the release of Paperwork 1.2, codenamed "Copy-pasta".

Here are the main changes in Paperwork 1.2 (frontend):

  • Installation: A new command has been added: "paperwork-shell install". This command installs icons and shortcut in the desktop menus.
  • Integrated documentations have been added (user manual still need some work)
  • Text in pages can be selected
  • Text in pages can be copied to the clipboard
  • Can automatically look for updates (disabled by default ; see settings)
  • Can send anonymous usage statistics (disabled by default ; see settings)
  • Export: Add simplification methods 'grayscale', 'black and white', and 'grayscale + soft'. They produce much smaller documents
  • Import: After import, propose the user to move files to trash after import (thanks to Mathieu Schopfer)
  • Import: Allow selecting multiple files in the file chooser dialog
  • Search: When searching, display a search bar to browse the document(s)
  • Search: new keyboard shortcuts: F3 (next) + Shift+F3 (previous)

A more detailed list of changes can be found in the ChangeLog: https://github.com/openpaperwork/paperwork/blob/stable/ChangeLog

Here are the main changes in Paperwork-backend 1.2:

  • Import: It is now possible to import image folder
  • API: remove methods doc.drop_cache() and page.drop_cache()
  • API: docsearch: add method close()
  • paperwork-shell: Use JSON format for the output (except for 'paperwork-shell dump')
  • Use GIO functions instead of Python functions (open(), read(), close(), etc)
  • Use URIs instead of Unix file paths (file:///...)
  • Index is now managed in a separate process (avoid Python GIL locking + UI freezes)
  • paperwork-shell import: Run OCR on imported pages that have no words
  • paperwork-shell: add command 'ocr'
  • Configuration: [Global]:workdirectory is now an URI encoded in base64

A more detailed list of changes can be found in the ChangeLog: https://github.com/openpaperwork/paperwork-backend/blob/stable/ChangeLog

As usual, informations regarding Paperwork installation and update can be found at https://github.com/openpaperwork/paperwork#readme . Windows version is available here: https://openpaper.work/download

Enjoy :-)

Best regards,