IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS: 'paperwork_x.y.z_win64.zip' contains ONLY Paperwork itself, NOT Tesseract. Tesseract and its data files are required to use Paperwork. The list of tesseract's data files depends on which languages you intend to use. So please do not use this .zip. Use the installer (.exe) instead.


I've released Paperwork 1.0.6. It contains minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Paperwork-gui 1.0.6:
  • Diagnostic: Limit the number of lines kept in memory (avoid running out of memory in case of endless loop)
  • Diagnostic: Log all the uncatched exceptions
  • PDF import: When importing a big PDF, clearly show the progression of the import
  • Multiple document selection: Fix the way Ctrl/Shift keys are handled (bug was that multiple selection mode remained stuck sometimes)
  • Paperwork-backend 1.0.6:
  • Identical to Paperwork-backend 1.0.5. This version has only been created for consistency with Paperwork-gui

As usual, informations regarding Paperwork can be found at https://github.com/jflesch/paperwork . Detailed ChangeLog for paperwork-gui is available here: https://github.com/jflesch/paperwork/blob/stable/ChangeLog Detailed ChangeLog for paperwork-backend is available here: https://github.com/jflesch/paperwork-backend/blob/stable/ChangeLog

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