Authored by Bilal Elmoussaoui

import from old version of Authenticator

We had an issue that caused users "losing" their data from the old database. Here's a small python code that will look for those accounts and get you a backup file you can import in Authenticator.

How to use?

1 - Download the script

2 - Open it using a text editor and update the three variables db_path, old_db and output

db_path should point to the directory where the database is stored, it depends on whether you're using a flatpak package or a "normal" package

old_db is the old file you will find in that directory, the new one is named database-7.db

output is the path where you want your accounts to be saved as a JSON file you can import later

3 - Exec your script


4 - Once that's done, you can open Seahorse, a GUI application to manage your keyrings and remove everything related to Authenticator. It should follow this format " OTP“

5 - Open Authenticator and restore the accounts.

Sorry for the issue, I will ensure to avoid any data loss in the future.

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