Commit 82873a0d authored by Bilal Elmoussaoui's avatar Bilal Elmoussaoui

Migrations: Case insensitive during accounts migrations

parent 2c306af8
......@@ -14,14 +14,14 @@ def do_step(conn):
providers_db = conn.execute("SELECT id, name FROM providers").fetchall()
providers = {}
for provider_id, provider_name in providers_db:
providers[provider_name] = provider_id
providers[provider_name.lower()] = provider_id
cursor = conn.cursor()
for account_id, username, provider_name, secret_id in accounts:
if provider_name not in providers.keys():
if provider_name.lower() not in providers.keys():
cursor.execute("INSERT INTO providers (name) VALUES (?)", (provider_name, ))
provider_id = cursor.lastrowid
provider_id = providers[provider_name]
provider_id = providers[provider_name.lower()]
_accounts.append((account_id, username, provider_id, secret_id))
cursor.execute(" ALTER TABLE accounts RENAME TO tmp;")
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