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# Freeze Breaks
## Approving/Rejecting Freeze Breaks
If you think that you need to break a freeze then you should ask for approval. You need:
* For string freeze breaks (which have
[complicated rules](
for when they apply and when they don't), two approvals from the
[Translation Coordination team](,
contact via [gnome-i18n at](
* For UI, feature, API, or hard code freeze breaks, two approvals from the
release team. Reporting an issue here with a link to your merge
* Contact us in both places for both approvals if your change breaks both
string freeze and another freeze.
To avoid delays, please make life easier by:
* Let us know that the module's maintainer has approved the patch on the
condition that we approve it (if they haven't yet, make sure to get their
approval first).
* Clearly tell us if it is an API break, a UI change, a feature change, a
string change, several categories of these, etc..
* Briefly explain what the bug being fixed is and its impact (how many people
will be affected, how will they be affected, etc.)
* Tell us why you think the change should not wait for the next development
phase (unless already covered in explaining the bug impact).
* Let us know of anything you've done to make the freeze break safer (why the
merge request might not be as scary as it looks, how hard would it be to
revert if it turned out to be necessary to do so, who else has reviewed the
merge request, who has tested it, how much testing was done, etc.)
* If you want to break the hard code freeze, then please persuade us that the
merge request is very safe or has been very well tested (or that the
situation is bad enough currently that it couldn't really get worse with a
new patch, e.g. serious crashes).
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