Commit fef8402b authored by Pranjay Pathak's avatar Pranjay Pathak
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fixed typo in ''

parent d42deb15
...@@ -216,8 +216,8 @@ Refers to enabling or disabling options. ...@@ -216,8 +216,8 @@ Refers to enabling or disabling options.
<line x1="21" y1="21" x2="16.65" y2="16.65"></line> <line x1="21" y1="21" x2="16.65" y2="16.65"></line>
</svg> </svg>
<input type="search" class="static w-50" <input type="search" class="static w-50"
onfocus="addBlueToSearchIcon('search-input-icon')" onfocus="addBlueToSearchIcon('search-icon-input')"
onfocusout="removeBlueFromSearchIcon('search-input-icon')" onfocusout="removeBlueFromSearchIcon('search-icon-input')"
placeholder="Search for content"> placeholder="Search for content">
</div> </div>
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