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......@@ -84,7 +84,8 @@ build:docs:
- cd documentation
- mkdir _sass/custom
- cp ../dist/index.css "_sass/custom/custom.scss"
- cp ../dist/index.css _sass/custom/custom.scss
- cp ../
- bundle exec jekyll build -d build
layout: home
title: Home
description: "The GNOME UI is a web library built using [Tailwind CSS]( to be used on GNOME's websites. It eases the styling process of the websites and enables better consistency between them, while maintaining a GNOMEish look."
permalink: /
nav_order: 1
# GNOME Websites Framework
The GNOME Websites Framework is a CSS library built using [Tailwind CSS]( to be used to craft and style Websites following GNOME's own visual identity. It eases the styling process of the websites and enables better consistency between them while keeping a beautiful and GNOMEish look.
For further reference concerning styling, check on [Tailwind CSS' documentation](
The GNOME UI library uses [Feather Icons]( by default.
The GNOME UI Documentation is developed using [Jekyll]( and Gitlab pages, and it uses a theme called [Just The Docs]( and is available [here](
The project documentation is placed in the `documentation` folder.
## Getting started
The steps below will provide you guidance in how to setup the dependencies and how to build the components of this repository.
### Setting up Dependencies
- Install the pre-requisites
- [NPM](
- [Jekyll](
- Clone the repository
git clone
- Then go to the directory of the repository you cloned
cd gnome-websites-framework
- Install the dependencies
npm ci
### Building the Library (CSS/Tailwind)
This Library uses [Tailwind]( as a base framework and this repositoriy extends Tailwind's functionalities. In order to generate the styles that can be used for production (other websites) you need to build the styles.
In order to generate the styles you need to run the following command.
npm run build
This command will output the following styles
├── dist/
│ ├── index.css
│ ├──
│ ├── index.min.css
### Building the Docs (Jekyll)
- Install [Jekyll and Jekyll's requirements](
- Install dependencies inside documentation folder:
cd documentation/
bundle install
- Then copy the **generated styles from [Building the Library](#building-the-library-(css/tailwind)) section** into the custom styles of the documentation folder
mkdir _sass/custom/ # Only needed in the first time
cp ../dist/index.min.css "_sass/custom/custom.scss"
- Run the documentation server:
bundle exec jekyll serve
- Navigate to in your browser to see it running.
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