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[3.2] Skeleton release notes

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
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<!ENTITY gnomeversion "3.2">
<!ENTITY lastversion "3.0">
<article lang="en" id="index">
<title>GNOME &gnomeversion; Release Notes</title>
<holder>GNOME Foundation</holder>
<publishername>GNOME Foundation</publishername>
<abstract role="description">
<para>GNOME 3.2 follows the project's predictable release cycle and
comes six months after the last GNOME major release, version 3.0. It includes
improvements and interesting new features.</para>
<author role="maintainer">
<orgname>GNOME Marketing Team</orgname>
<othercredit role="translator">
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<orgname>GNOME Translation Project</orgname>
<sect1 id="intro">
The GNOME Project is an international community which works to make
great software available to all. All our work is free to use, modify
and redistribute, and everyone is welcome to participate in its
creation. If you would like to help make our products even better,
<ulink url=""> you can join us.</ulink>
<!-- === includes go here === -->
<!-- What's New For Users -->
<include href="rnusers.xml" xmlns=""/>
<!-- What's New In A11y -->
<!-- <include href="rna11y.xml" xmlns=""/> -->
<!-- What's New For Administrators -->
<!-- include href="rnadmins.xml" xmlns=""/ -->
<!-- What's New For Contributors -->
<!-- include href="rncontributors.xml" xmlns=""/ -->
<!-- What's New for Developers -->
<include href="rndevelopers.xml" xmlns=""/>
<!-- What's New In Mobile -->
<!-- include href="rnmobile.xml" xmlns=""/> -->
<!-- Internationalization -->
<include href="rni18n.xml" xmlns=""/>
<!-- Installing GNOME -->
<include href="rninstallation.xml" xmlns=""/>
<!-- Known Issues -->
<!-- Looking to the future: -->
<include href="rnlookingforward.xml" xmlns=""/>
<sect1 id="rncredits">
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These release notes were compiled by Allan Day, Andre Klapper and Sriram Ramkrishna with extensive
help from the GNOME community.
This release could not have been possible without the hard work and
dedication of the GNOME community. Congratulations and thanks to everyone.
These release notes can be freely translated into any language. If you
wish to translate them into your language, please contact the
<ulink url="">GNOME Translation
This document is distributed under the
<ulink url="">Creative
Commons Sharealike 3.0 license</ulink>. Copyright © The GNOME Project
Compiled by Allan Day with help from the GNOME community.
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