Social Media and News

Coordination for social media posts and public announcements related to GNOME. This includes posts on all official GOME social media accounts, gnome.org/news posts, and engagement blog promotions.

When should I use the Social Media and News board?

Use this board to:

  1. Get help with a personal article or post that you want to make (e.g. proofreading, bouncing off ideas, etc).
  2. Request promotion of your GNOME-related work or event
  3. Coordinate regular social media and blog posts on official GNOME channels
  4. Coordinate the release of news items affecting the GNOME community

Do not use this board to:

Request promotion of something that is not GNOME-related

For more information on where to request what you need, click here.

How can I contribute to Social Media and News?

Let us know you're interested in helping coordinate our social media and news channels by joining the Engagement Team chat channel or sending an email to Caroline at chenriksen@gnome.org.