Commit cbb40490 authored by Britt Yazel's avatar Britt Yazel 🐶
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tweak meeting page colors

parent 253803b0
.event-header{background:#4a86cf}.event-time-data time,.event-location .text,.chairperson-list .author{background-color:transparent} .start-time{background-color:#4a86cf}.timetable-item.timetable-break .end-time{color:#4a86cf !important}.timetable-item.timetable-break .timetable-item-body .timetable-title,.timetable-item.timetable-break .timetable-item-body .timetable-duration{color:#4a86cf !important}
.event-header {
background: #4a86cf;
.event-time-data time,
.event-location .text,
.chairperson-list .author {
background-color: transparent;
} .start-time {
background-color: #4a86cf;
.timetable-item.timetable-break {
.end-time {
color: #4a86cf !important;
.timetable-item-body {
.timetable-duration {
color: #4a86cf !important;
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