Commit 0a5b7c30 authored by Marinus Schraal's avatar Marinus Schraal

coregrilo: Do not search online sources by default

On search Grilo would search online sources by default as well. This is
unwanted as it is a privacy issue.

Currently Music has no UI to enable/disable this by user request, go the
safe route and disable it for stable release.

Closes #317
parent 4e1a6847
......@@ -145,7 +145,8 @@ class CoreGrilo(GObject.GObject):
and source.props.source_id not in self._wrappers.keys()
and source.props.source_id != "grl-tracker-source"
and source.get_supported_media() & Grl.MediaType.AUDIO
and source.supported_operations() & Grl.SupportedOps.SEARCH):
and source.supported_operations() & Grl.SupportedOps.SEARCH
and "net:internet" not in source.props.source_tags):
self._search_wrappers[source.props.source_id] = GrlSearchWrapper(
source, self._coremodel, self._application, self)
self._log.debug("Adding search source {}".format(source))
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