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      Merge branch 'sam/text-extractor-errors' into 'master' · 2eda05bb
      Sam Thursfield authored
      tracker-extract-text: Correctly report errors back to the caller
      Closes #56
      See merge request GNOME/tracker-miners!62
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      tracker-extract-text: Correctly report errors back to the caller · 08f4af62
      Sam Thursfield authored
      The tracker_extract_get_metadata() function should return FALSE if
      an error occurs reading the file. The tracker-extract-text module would
      return TRUE in all cases.
      This was causing intermittent failures in the functional-tests, as the
      following situation could occur:
        1. file2.txt is created
        2. tracker-miner-fs sees file2.txt and processes it
        3. file2.txt is deleted (or moved into an unmonitored directory)
        4. tracker-miner-fs sees the deletion and removes its resource from
           the store
        5. tracker-extract sees the created notification for file2.txt and
           tries to process it
        6. the tracker_extract_get_metadata() incorrectly returns TRUE
           (success), so tracker-extract recreates the deleted resource
      This problem was being detected in the functional tests and was
      causing intermittent failures.
      This hopefully fixes: GNOME/tracker-miners#56
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      Revert "build: Require Meson >= 0.50" · 13948fda
      Sam Thursfield authored
      This reverts commit 60145ddd.
      Some projects that include Tracker haven't yet updated to Meson 0.50. This
      change broke gnome-build-meta for example:
      The install: arg isn't actually required as for configure_file() targets
      Meson will infer whether an install is needed by the presence of the
      install_dir: arg.
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      Revert "functional-tests: Don't depend on GSettings schemas from the host" · ecac3a1e
      Sam Thursfield authored
      This reverts commit ad664049.
      I accidentally pushed this to master without review, when I pushed the
      trivial Meson change.
      The merge request is here:
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      build: Require Meson >= 0.50 · 60145ddd
      Sam Thursfield authored
      Meson helpfully warns us that this is needed:
          WARNING: Project specifies a minimum meson_version '>=0.47' but uses features which were added in newer versions:
           * 0.50.0: {'install arg in configure_file'}
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      functional-tests: Don't depend on GSettings schemas from the host · ad664049
      Sam Thursfield authored
      If tracker-miners is configured with the `-Dtracker_core=subproject` option,
      it should use GSettings schemas from the ./subprojects/tracker build
      tree. We weren't doing that, which meant that if you ran `dnf remove
      tracker` on your test image and then ran the test, you would see
      failures like this in the functional-tests:
          (process:8450): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 09:43:34.625: Settings schema 'org.freedesktop.Tracker.Store' is not installed
      This fix is part of GNOME/tracker#24
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      Release 2.2.1 · 67958708
      Carlos Garnacho authored
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      functional-tests: Forbid GStreamer to fork for the registry · 045cbfad
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      Running functional tests in an isolated environment result on gst
      trying to build the registry again, and fork for it. This results
      in a g_spawn call, and who knows why, in this debug line written to
      posix_spawn avoided (fd close requested)
      This is a g_debug() call from glib which should not end up on screen
      with our verbosity settings, so I'll asume someone else is playing
      smart and replacing the default log handler with something that
      introduces garbage on our stdout.
      This notably causes JSON output in video tests to be not quite JSON,
      causing test failures.
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