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      Rename libtracker-common to libtracker-miners-common · 3cee7b92
      Sam Thursfield authored
      We made a big compromise when splitting tracker core from tracker-miners
      in that the common code that was needed by both parts would end up
      duplicated. It's ugly but it works fine at the moment and allows us to
      keep all of the common code private.
      I had an issue when trying to embed tracker core into tracker-miners as
      a Meson subproject though. Having two targets named tracker-common
      caused confusion as duplicate targets aren't allowed, but they are not
      quite equivalent so we can't just pick one or the other.
      To work around this, I've renamed the copy in this repo to
      tracker-miners-common. This only affects the target names, not the
      actual function names.
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    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      tracker-extract: Blacklist vaapi/bmcdec gstreamer elements · 8952c690
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      Remove these from the registry after initialization, the vaapi
      one could just cause undesired output/warnings after seccomp forbid
      it to do something. The bmcdec element is dumber and would just
      crash after shmget() despite trying to refuse it politely with an
      appropriate errno.
      Fixes SIGSYS on shmget() from gstreamer1-plugin-crystalhd if it
      happens to be installed and a video file is indexed. The blacklisting
      code has been lifted from totem-video-thumbnailer.
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    • Sam Thursfield's avatar
      Use TrackerResource instead of TrackerSparqlBuilder in all extractors · 8cc026da
      Sam Thursfield authored
      For a long time, all the Tracker extractors have manually constructed a
      SPARQL update command using TrackerSparqlBuilder to represent their
      output. This commit changes all of them to use the TrackerResource
      class instead, which makes the code a lot more concise and readable.
      This introduces some API breaks in the internal libtracker-extract
      library. This has been a private library since Tracker 0.16 or earlier,
      so it's fine.
      If the extractors only output SPARQL then they are only useful to
      people who are using a SPARQL store. Now we can output a serialization
      format like Turtle as well. This will hopefully make the extract modules
      useful outside of Tracker itself.
      I've tried to preserve the behaviour of the extractors as much as
      possible, but there are two things that are now handled differently:
        * nao:Tag resources are given a fixed URI based on the tag label, such
          as <urn:tag:My_Tag>. Previously they were inserted as blank nodes,
          so tracker-store would give them unique IDs like <urn:uuid:1234...>
        * All extractors created nco:Contact resources for content publishers,
          but previously some would assign fixed URIs based on the name
          <urn:contact:James%20Joyce>, while others would insert them as blank
          nodes so they would be assigned unique IDs like <urn:uuid:1234...>.
          Now, all extractors create nco:Contact resources with fixed URIs
          based on the content creator's name.
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    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      tracker-extract: Fix gstreamer module cuesheet handling · 2122731d
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      When a single nfo:FileDataObject represents multiple nmm:MusicPieces
      (eg. flac files with a cue sheet). We attempted to drop the nmm:MusicPiece
      aspect from the nfo:FileDataObject, but we dropped the entire resource
      What was intended here is only dropping the nmm:MusicPiece, so the file
      resource remains a nfo:Audio and nfo:FileDataObject, and the per-track
      nmm:MusicPiece backreference to it through nie:isStoredAs.
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    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      extract-gstreamer: Rely better on the GstDiscoverer than mimetype sniffing · 2cac6417
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      There's mimetypes that easily fool mimetype detection (eg. OGG videos with
      .ogg extension instead of .ogv will be detected as audio/ogg), the
      GstDiscoverer will however find out correctly whether there's audio and/or
      video information, so we should rely on it as a last resort, rather than
      (weaker) mimetype sniffing.
      This prevents .ogg suffixed videos from being played by gnome-music (oddly,
      with success, in a separate window).
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