Commit 22ecd99f authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

libtracker-extract: Ensure utf8ness in TrackerResource helpers

In the same vein than commit 98136e11, we can't rely on data from
EXIF/IPTC metadata being UTF-8. Prepare the helpers to handle this.

Closes: #21
parent b176eb40
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ tracker_extract_new_artist (const char *name)
artist = tracker_resource_new (uri);
tracker_resource_set_uri (artist, "rdf:type", "nmm:Artist");
tracker_resource_set_string (artist, "nmm:artistName", name);
tracker_guarantee_resource_utf8_string (artist, "nmm:artistName", name);
g_free (uri);
......@@ -128,11 +128,11 @@ tracker_extract_new_equipment (const char *make,
tracker_resource_set_uri (equipment, "rdf:type", "nfo:Equipment");
if (make) {
tracker_resource_set_string (equipment, "nfo:manufacturer", make);
tracker_guarantee_resource_utf8_string (equipment, "nfo:manufacturer", make);
if (model) {
tracker_resource_set_string (equipment, "nfo:model", model);
tracker_guarantee_resource_utf8_string (equipment, "nfo:model", model);
g_free (equip_uri);
......@@ -185,24 +185,24 @@ tracker_extract_new_location (const char *street_address,
addruri = tracker_sparql_get_uuid_urn ();
address = tracker_resource_new (addruri);
tracker_resource_set_uri (address, "rdf:type", "nco:PostalAddress");
tracker_resource_set_string (address, "rdf:type", "nco:PostalAddress");
g_free (addruri);
if (street_address) {
tracker_resource_set_string (address, "nco:streetAddress", street_address);
tracker_guarantee_resource_utf8_string (address, "nco:streetAddress", street_address);
if (state) {
tracker_resource_set_string (address, "nco:region", state);
tracker_guarantee_resource_utf8_string (address, "nco:region", state);
if (city) {
tracker_resource_set_string (address, "nco:locality", city);
tracker_guarantee_resource_utf8_string (address, "nco:locality", city);
if (country) {
tracker_resource_set_string (address, "nco:country", country);
tracker_guarantee_resource_utf8_string (address, "nco:country", country);
tracker_resource_set_relation (location, "slo:postalAddress", address);
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