Commit 062510c0 authored by Sumaid Syed's avatar Sumaid Syed

tracker-extract-vorbis.c: Add test for ogg extractor

Test should check basic tags and MusicBrainz IDs.
Audio test file is audio-test-ogg-vorbis.ogg and corresponding
json file is audio-test-ogg-vorbis.expected.json

Related with GNOME/tracker-miners#70
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......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ extractor_tests = [
"test": {
"Filename": "audio-test-vorbis-extractor.ogg",
"Bugzilla": "",
"Comment": "Basic OGG example"
"metadata": {
"@type": "nmm:MusicPiece",
"nie:title": "Simply Juvenile",
"nfo:genre": "Pop",
"nie:copyright": "none",
"nie:comment": "I am for simple OGG testing",
"nmm:trackNumber": "18",
"nfo:duration": "15",
"nmm:mbTrackID": "123456",
"nmm:mbRecordingID": "456123",
"nmm:performer": {
"@type": "nmm:Artist",
"nmm:artistName": "AbBaby",
"nmm:mbArtistID": "234561"
"nmm:musicAlbum": {
"@type": "nmm:MusicAlbum",
"nie:title": "SinCos",
"nmm:mbReleaseGroupID": "561234",
"nmm:mbReleaseID": "345612"
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