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    tracker-extract-text: Correctly report errors back to the caller · 08f4af62
    Sam Thursfield authored
    The tracker_extract_get_metadata() function should return FALSE if
    an error occurs reading the file. The tracker-extract-text module would
    return TRUE in all cases.
    This was causing intermittent failures in the functional-tests, as the
    following situation could occur:
      1. file2.txt is created
      2. tracker-miner-fs sees file2.txt and processes it
      3. file2.txt is deleted (or moved into an unmonitored directory)
      4. tracker-miner-fs sees the deletion and removes its resource from
         the store
      5. tracker-extract sees the created notification for file2.txt and
         tries to process it
      6. the tracker_extract_get_metadata() incorrectly returns TRUE
         (success), so tracker-extract recreates the deleted resource
    This problem was being detected in the functional tests and was
    causing intermittent failures.
    This hopefully fixes: GNOME/tracker-miners#56
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