Commit dd6e95b9 authored by Jonathan Matthew's avatar Jonathan Matthew 🥗
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xfade: make sure there's always a value in the volume control source

The stream errors out during preroll without this.
parent 36508e31
......@@ -2172,6 +2172,7 @@ create_stream (RBPlayerGstXFade *player, const char *uri, gpointer stream_data,
player, 0);
stream->fader = GST_TIMED_VALUE_CONTROL_SOURCE (gst_interpolation_control_source_new ());
gst_timed_value_control_source_set (GST_TIMED_VALUE_CONTROL_SOURCE (stream->fader), 0, 1.0);
g_object_set (stream->fader, "mode", GST_INTERPOLATION_MODE_LINEAR, NULL);
gst_object_add_control_binding (GST_OBJECT (stream->volume),
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