Commit 34e96363 authored by Jonathan Matthew's avatar Jonathan Matthew 🥗
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xfade: forget about stopping the sink for now

adder seems to disagree with the sink about how timestamps should
work after we restart the sink, resulting in skipping ahead or
lengthy silences.  Until we get this sorted out, we can just
leave the sink running.
parent 06b169cc
......@@ -2953,6 +2953,7 @@ start_sink (RBPlayerGstXFade *player, GError **error)
static gboolean
stop_sink (RBPlayerGstXFade *player)
#if 0
GstStateChangeReturn sr;
switch (player->priv->sink_state) {
......@@ -3007,6 +3008,8 @@ stop_sink (RBPlayerGstXFade *player)
return TRUE;
return TRUE;
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