Commit 08dd06d0 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller
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bindings/gi: make gir scanner find GStreamer .gir files in right prefix

Fixes build in uninstalled GStreamer setup or with GStreamer having
been installed in a different prefix.
parent f3cf2d72
# These find the gir and typelib files in an uninstalled GStreamer setup
# or if GStreamer is installed in a different prefix than most other things
INTROSPECTION_SCANNER_ARGS = --add-include-path=$(top_srcdir) --add-include-path=$(top_builddir)/bindings/gi --c-include=rhythmbox.h --warn-all
INTROSPECTION_COMPILER_ARGS = --includedir=$(top_srcdir)
--add-include-path=$(top_srcdir) \
--add-include-path=$(top_builddir)/bindings/gi \
--add-include-path=`$(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=girdir gstreamer-1.0` \
--add-include-path=`$(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=girdir gstreamer-base-1.0` \
--add-include-path=`$(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=girdir gstreamer-pbutils-1.0` \
--c-include=rhythmbox.h --warn-all
--includedir=$(top_srcdir) \
--includedir=`$(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=girdir gstreamer-1.0` \
--includedir=`$(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=girdir gstreamer-base-1.0` \
--includedir=`$(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=girdir gstreamer-pbutils-1.0`
mpid_introspection_sources = \
lib/libmediaplayerid/mediaplayerid.h \
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