Commit 7958cefa authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

I#432 - Prefer Reply-To from To/Cc in Group Reply

Closes GNOME/evolution#432
parent 5535ba13
......@@ -3312,6 +3312,14 @@ em_utils_get_reply_all (ESourceRegistry *registry,
concat_unique_addrs (to, to_addrs, rcpt_hash);
concat_unique_addrs (cc, cc_addrs, rcpt_hash);
/* Set as the 'To' the first 'Reply-To' address, if such exists, when no address
had been picked (like when all addresses are configured mail accounts). */
if (reply_to &&
camel_address_length ((CamelAddress *) to) == 0 &&
camel_internet_address_get (reply_to, 0, &name, &addr)) {
camel_internet_address_add (to, name, addr);
/* Promote the first Cc: address to To: if To: is empty. */
if (camel_address_length ((CamelAddress *) to) == 0 &&
camel_address_length ((CamelAddress *) cc) > 0) {
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