Commit 2dd75ea3 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

Fix a crash when filling mail threaded view

There could happen a crash when a folder received an update and it
had been shown in the message list in the threaded view. With a proper
thread interleaving the main thread could use the CamelFolderThread
structure, while another thread had been freeing its internal members.
The fix is to not re-use existing CamelFolderThread structure and always
build a new one. This makes the filling a bit quicker too.

Reported downstream at:
parent ff7bd92b
......@@ -566,25 +566,6 @@ regen_data_unref (RegenData *regen_data)
static CamelFolderThread *
message_list_ref_thread_tree (MessageList *message_list)
CamelFolderThread *thread_tree = NULL;
g_return_val_if_fail (IS_MESSAGE_LIST (message_list), NULL);
g_mutex_lock (&message_list->priv->thread_tree_lock);
if (message_list->priv->thread_tree != NULL) {
thread_tree = message_list->priv->thread_tree;
camel_folder_thread_messages_ref (thread_tree);
g_mutex_unlock (&message_list->priv->thread_tree_lock);
return thread_tree;
static void
message_list_set_thread_tree (MessageList *message_list,
CamelFolderThread *thread_tree)
......@@ -6157,17 +6138,10 @@ message_list_regen_thread (GSimpleAsyncResult *simple,
if (regen_data->group_by_threads) {
CamelFolderThread *thread_tree;
thread_tree = message_list_ref_thread_tree (message_list);
if (thread_tree != NULL) {
/* Make sure multiple threads will not access the same
CamelFolderThread structure at the same time */
g_mutex_lock (&message_list->priv->thread_tree_lock);
camel_folder_thread_messages_apply (thread_tree, uids);
g_mutex_unlock (&message_list->priv->thread_tree_lock);
} else
thread_tree = camel_folder_thread_messages_new (
folder, uids, regen_data->thread_subject);
/* Always build a new thread_tree, to avoid race condition
when accessing it here and in the build_tree() call
from multiple threads. */
thread_tree = camel_folder_thread_messages_new (folder, uids, regen_data->thread_subject);
/* We will build the ETreeModel content from this
* CamelFolderThread during regen post-processing.
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