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      iconview: Redo layouting · d20d7c54
      Benjamin Otte authored
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      iconview: Redo size requests · 65ad492c
      Benjamin Otte authored
      Instead of just returning the last allocated numbers, we now compute the
      proper sizes from scratch. This is a bit less trivial, but it results in
      proper height-for-width handling.
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      iconview: Don't cache iters · 63ddb3f2
      Benjamin Otte authored
      This is a huge quest to remove all caching from GtkIconview to simplify
      the code. As it turns out, iconview performance is a joke, so the caches
      are kinda unnecessary.
      If we need caching, we can add it in a useful way later.
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      iconview: Remove needless requirement · ee91e272
      Benjamin Otte authored
      If we use
      instead of
        (GdkRectangle *) item
      there is no need anymore to keep the cell_area as the first member of
      the the item. And we cget compile-time checks for changes to the item
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