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Make the information in that files more up-to-date
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......@@ -7,9 +7,18 @@ Building GTK+ on Win32
First you obviously need developer packages for the compile-time
dependencies: Pango, atk, glib, gettext-runtime, libiconv, libpng,
zlib, libtiff at least. See .
dependencies: GDK-Pixbuf, Pango, atk, glib, gettext-runtime, libiconv at least.
See .
For people compiling GTK+ with Visual C++ 2005 or later, it is
recommended that the same compiler is used for at least GDK-Pixbuf,
Pango, atk and glib so that crashes and errors caused by different CRTs
can be avoided. The VS 2008 project files and/or VS Makefiles are
either already available or will be available in the next stable release.
Unfortunately compiling with Microsoft's compilers versions 2003 or earlier
is not supported as compiling the latest stable GLib (which *is* required for
building this GTK+ release) requires features from newer compilers
and/or Platform SDKs
After installing the dependencies, there are two ways to build GTK+
for win32.
......@@ -147,11 +156,17 @@ Use the Microsoft compiler, cl and Make, nmake. Say nmake -f
makefile.msc in gdk and gtk. Be prepared to manually edit various
makefile.msc files, and the makefile snippets in build/win32.
There are also VS 2008 solution and project files to build GTK+, which
are maintained by Chun-wei Fan. They should build GTK+ out of the box,
provided that the afore-mentioned dependencies are installed. They will
build GDK with the Win32 backend, GTK+ itself and the gtk-demo program.
(The GAIL and GAIL-util sources are not built by this method yet)
Alternative 1 also generates Microsoft import libraries (.lib), if you
have lib.exe available. It might also work for cross-compilation from
I use method 1 myself. Hans Breuer has been taking care of the MSVC
I (Tor) use method 1 myself. Hans Breuer has been taking care of the MSVC
makefiles. At times, we disagree a bit about various issues, and for
instance the makefile.msc files might not produce identically named
DLLs and import libraries as the "autoconfiscated" makefiles and
......@@ -182,3 +197,4 @@ sources. Unfortunately it seems that only Wacom tablets come with
support for the Wintab API nowadays.
--Tor Lillqvist <>, <>
--Updated by Fan, Chun-wei <>
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