Commit e43080a0 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Test some virtual modifiers

This adds some accelerators involving Super and Hyper to testmerge.
This helps in testing our accel matching for those.
parent 36effbb3
......@@ -212,11 +212,11 @@ enum {
static GtkRadioActionEntry radio_entries[] = {
{ "justify-left", GTK_STOCK_JUSTIFY_LEFT, NULL, "<control>L",
"Left justify the text", JUSTIFY_LEFT },
{ "justify-center", GTK_STOCK_JUSTIFY_CENTER, NULL, "<control>E",
{ "justify-center", GTK_STOCK_JUSTIFY_CENTER, NULL, "<super>E",
"Center justify the text", JUSTIFY_CENTER },
{ "justify-right", GTK_STOCK_JUSTIFY_RIGHT, NULL, "<control>R",
{ "justify-right", GTK_STOCK_JUSTIFY_RIGHT, NULL, "<hyper>R",
"Right justify the text", JUSTIFY_RIGHT },
{ "justify-fill", GTK_STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL, NULL, "<control>J",
{ "justify-fill", GTK_STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL, NULL, "<super><hyper>J",
"Fill justify the text", JUSTIFY_FILL },
static guint n_radio_entries = G_N_ELEMENTS (radio_entries);
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