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Updates for 3.15.4

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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.15.4
* GtkTextView
- Allow to customize multi-click behaviors, using the new
::extend-selection signal
- Selection can now be extended by scrolling
- Better behavior and appearance for text selection with touch
* GtkApplication:
- Use app menu fallback with ssh connections
- Provide a mechanism to hide unnecessary app menu items
on OS X, so a single menu file can be used across platforms
* GtkCalendar:
- Show other months in a different color under Adwaita again
- Ensure we always show a bit of the other month on both ends
* GtkScrolledWindow
- Make overlay scrollbars more dynamic
* GtkFileChooser:
- Make bookmark DND insert at the right location
- Make '~' and '/' work in recent mode
- Make Ctrl-L work in recent mode
- Re-integrate search
* CSS:
- Performance improvements
* GtkInspector:
- Add a magnifier for the selected widget
- Show more display information
- Show memory address of objects
* Wayland:
- Use subsurfaces for popovers, so popovers can extend beyond the
window boundaries
- Prefer the Wayland backend over X11 if both are available
* GL:
- Fix interaction with hi-dpi
- Add OpenGL support to the Windows backend
* Bugs:
111503 Customization of text selection bounds on double click
301835 should the calendar start on the 1st of month?
477454 libgtk crashed in gtk_notebook_button_release
671802 no menu fallback with ssh -X or sudo
671895 gtk_print_context_get_hard_margins needs to take into account page...
674537 GtkMenuPositionFunc: x and y should be "inout"
705582 gtk_recent_manager_init fails to check settings==NULL
710612 [PATCH] Allow to extend selection with mouse scrollwheel
738338 quartz: NSWindow NULL check in get_scale_factor
738891 Use GDK_WINDOW_SUBSURFACE for popovers
739038 gtk_recent_manager_set_filename: assertion failed: (priv->filename...
740758 Add getters for device vendor/product IDs
740795 GDK: Add OpenGL Support for Windows
741259 gtkmodelmenuitem: force icon scaling
741569 Minor theme bug: square progress bars
741610 Finish up support for macos menubar
741652 Leaking menus when attaching to a button
741702 Right margin not respected with RTL text in non-wrapping mode only
741827 typo in testsuite/reftests/ causes build failure on Min...
741897 documentation fix
742010 GtkLabel eats thumb-button clicks
742170 cut/copy/paste binding entries are registered 2x
742181 "show images in menus" causes weird padding outside GNOME
742243 GtkScrolledWindow draws overshoot at the wrong position
742311 On cellrenderertext, notify for "size" and "size-points" propertie...
742343 Hide scrollbar in GtkFileChooser if appropriate
742518 object overview should include the pointer to the object in memory
742631 Left padding on File Chooser List
742653 gtkfilechooserwidget: When using an extra widget, show or hide the...
742664 Portabilitiy issues with GTK-Inspector 32-bit and non-gnome3 desktop
742702 GtkTreeView separator has wrong color if not active
742704 GtkComboBox: Separators not visible with Adwaita
742727 nautilus adding bookmark by dragging appear always at top
742764 Fix check for 'y' padding in gtk_cell_renderer_set_padding()
742771 Properly ignore BadWindow and BadDrawable in get_child_info_handler()
742774 Properly check result of g_utf8_get_char_validated()
742778 Fix accessible_class->widget_set initialization
742785 Fix event->button.y_root when using mouse buttons and dnd canceled
742786 Fix save_hot_y init in gtk_drag_get_icon()
742940 Adjust annotations of gtk_status_icon_position_menu to match GtkMe...
742980 cannot start broadway on FreeBSD
743037 Typo in gdk_window_get_root_coords documentation
743101 commit 77b876fa breaks zathura
743117 / and ~ Don't work in filechooser's recent mode
743157 gtk3-demo editable cells treeview problem
* Translation updates:
British English
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.15.3
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