Commit c7451bbf authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson

GdkX11GLContext: Fix leak

parent 8c7623de
......@@ -953,6 +953,8 @@ _gdk_x11_screen_update_visuals_for_gl (GdkScreen *screen)
if (x11_screen->rgba_visual)
x11_screen->rgba_visual = pick_better_visual_for_gl (x11_screen, gl_info, x11_screen->rgba_visual);
g_free (gl_info);
save_cached_gl_visuals (display,
gdk_x11_visual_get_xvisual (x11_screen->system_visual)->visualid,
x11_screen->rgba_visual ? gdk_x11_visual_get_xvisual (x11_screen->rgba_visual)->visualid : 0);
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