Commit b673490a authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Document Wayland opacity handling

parent 4cf6edda
......@@ -10531,7 +10531,12 @@ gdk_window_configure_finished (GdkWindow *window)
* For toplevel windows this depends on support from the windowing system
* that may not always be there. For instance, On X11, this works only on
* X screens with a compositing manager running.
* X screens with a compositing manager running. On Wayland, there is no
* per-window opacity value that the compositor would apply. Instead, use
* `gdk_window_set_opaque_region (window, NULL)` to tell the compositor
* that the entire window is (potentially) non-opaque, and draw your content
* with alpha, or use gtk_widget_set_opacity() to set an overall opacity
* for your widgets.
* For child windows this function only works for non-native windows.
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