Commit 8aecf2c0 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

GtkAboutDialog: Don't use gdk_cursor_new

gdk_cursor_new returns cursors for the default display, and
thus is not safe to use in code that may run on non-default
parent 5f980cd8
......@@ -219,7 +219,9 @@ static void gtk_about_dialog_set_property (GObject
guint prop_id,
const GValue *value,
GParamSpec *pspec);
static void gtk_about_dialog_show (GtkWidget *widge);
static void gtk_about_dialog_realize (GtkWidget *widget);
static void gtk_about_dialog_unrealize (GtkWidget *widget);
static void gtk_about_dialog_show (GtkWidget *widget);
static void update_name_version (GtkAboutDialog *about);
static void follow_if_link (GtkAboutDialog *about,
GtkTextView *text_view,
......@@ -304,6 +306,8 @@ gtk_about_dialog_class_init (GtkAboutDialogClass *klass)
object_class->finalize = gtk_about_dialog_finalize;
widget_class->show = gtk_about_dialog_show;
widget_class->realize = gtk_about_dialog_realize;
widget_class->unrealize = gtk_about_dialog_unrealize;
klass->activate_link = gtk_about_dialog_activate_link;
......@@ -736,8 +740,6 @@ gtk_about_dialog_init (GtkAboutDialog *about)
priv->documenters = NULL;
priv->artists = NULL;
priv->hand_cursor = gdk_cursor_new (GDK_HAND2);
priv->regular_cursor = gdk_cursor_new (GDK_XTERM);
priv->hovering_over_link = FALSE;
priv->wrap_license = FALSE;
......@@ -791,12 +793,35 @@ gtk_about_dialog_finalize (GObject *object)
g_slist_foreach (priv->visited_links, (GFunc)g_free, NULL);
g_slist_free (priv->visited_links);
g_object_unref (priv->hand_cursor);
g_object_unref (priv->regular_cursor);
G_OBJECT_CLASS (gtk_about_dialog_parent_class)->finalize (object);
static void
gtk_about_dialog_realize (GtkWidget *widget)
GtkAboutDialog *about = GTK_ABOUT_DIALOG (widget);
GtkAboutDialogPrivate *priv = about->priv;
GdkDisplay *display;
GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_about_dialog_parent_class)->realize (widget);
display = gtk_widget_get_display (widget);
priv->hand_cursor = gdk_cursor_new_for_display (display, GDK_HAND2);
priv->regular_cursor = gdk_cursor_new_for_display (display, GDK_XTERM);
static void
gtk_about_dialog_unrealize (GtkWidget *widget)
GtkAboutDialog *about = GTK_ABOUT_DIALOG (widget);
GtkAboutDialogPrivate *priv = about->priv;
g_clear_object (&priv->hand_cursor);
g_clear_object (&priv->regular_cursor);
GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_about_dialog_parent_class)->unrealize (widget);
static void
gtk_about_dialog_set_property (GObject *object,
guint prop_id,
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