Commit 46462ee7 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

tests: Add deprecation guards

... for newly deprecated gtk_icon_info_get_builtin_pixbuf()
parent 6a2ae1bb
......@@ -202,8 +202,10 @@ main (int argc, char *argv[])
scale = atoi (argv[5]);
icon_info = gtk_icon_theme_lookup_icon_for_scale (icon_theme, argv[3], size, scale, GTK_ICON_LOOKUP_USE_BUILTIN);
g_print ("icon for %s at %dx%d@%dx is %s\n", argv[3], size, size, scale,
icon_info ? (gtk_icon_info_get_builtin_pixbuf (icon_info) ? "<builtin>" : gtk_icon_info_get_filename (icon_info)) : "<none>");
if (icon_info)
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